France Part III: Côte d’Or


Remember how I said we were only the leaders of the pack once?  On that very first day?  Well, I lied.  I forgot all about this day.  On this day, our favorite day, almost everyone in our group stopped for coffee before heading into the vines.  Sean and I wanted to soak up all our time in this part of Burgundy and spun ahead so we were able to slow down and stop as much as we wanted.  Because this day and these vines were why we came on this trip.  This day was the best ride of our trip.  It was so beautiful and so happy for us to be in the vineyards.

Way before we decided to go on this trip we watched the documentary A Year in Burgundy.  After we watched we said we had to a) learn French, b) have Wes grow up, and c) get ourselves to Burgundy to pick and crush some grapes!  And here we were!  In that place in our future dreams!  It was like Christmas and birthdays and best childhood memories all wrapped up for us.  Does that help you understand our level of excitement?  I just can’t tell you how amazing this day was for us.


Aside from the vines, a visit to Clos de Vougeot was the other highlight of the day.  Because we had watched A Year in Burgundy and understood that this was the place where the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin (Brotherhood of the Knights of the Tasting Cup) gathered each year to celebrate the wine and cuisine of the region, we were pretty delighted to be here too.  Those guys seem like they have a fantastic time during their annual celebrations.  Unfortunately, we came no closer to getting on that guest list.

And guys, that’s it.  It feels so strange that these are all the pictures and this is the end of the story of our favorite day, but there it is.  (Although if you had access to our raw video footage you might understand just how much we loved this day.  I can’t tell you how many vineyard scans I have.)


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