France Part IV: Beaune


Beaune is the wine capital of Burgundy.  It is a city, so a very different setting from the rest of our trip.  We really enjoyed Beaune.  It made me wish all over again that I spoke French so that I could better enjoy it’s little shops and museums.  But, even with only the most minimal French and mostly English (and a whole tour group with bilingual tour guides), we really enjoyed this last leg of our bike trip.


Our first night in Beaune we had a group wine tasting at Bouchard Père & Fils, which had a really cool cellar.  The real highlight of our first night in Beaune was our free dinner though.  Sean and I loved this trip and will definitely go on another Backroads trip, but traveling with a group was tough on us.  Having three meals a day with a group of people is exhausting for two introverts.  I was proud of us.  We did a great job of interacting  (thank you, Sigma Kappa, I drew from my sorority recruitment and conversation making experience so much on this trip!).  But this free dinner was such a welcomed break for us!

Then the next morning we got up, tackled a hill, and were rewarded with more spectacular views!


Followed by a classic Backroads picnic.  Which was a much, much fancier picnic than I was expecting.  I wish everyday could be a Backroads picnic day.


This is Otis & Franz!  They were such fantastic tour guides!


Then we had a final group dinner where Sean got to order one of two magnums for the table!  We’ve never ordered a magnum (equivalent to two bottles, in case you’re not familiar), and I think our whole table got a kick out of drinking magnums.  Plus we got to sit near our favorite family, so it was a great last night for us.

While most of our group opted to get up early and go for another bike ride, Sean and I did not.  We knew we had only three more mornings of our trip left, and sleeping in is not really something that happens on a bike trip like this.  We were setting off most mornings by 8.  So as parents of a a young child we decided that getting at least three sleep in days was important to us.  We had chocolate croissants instead.


Right before we got on the bus to leave and catch our train to Paris, it occurred to me that we had all of these dinners and times when we weren’t in biking clothes yet we had no pictures of us in anything other than biking clothes.  So here’s our quick before we miss our last opportunity for a non-biking clothes picture picture.


I love this picture.  I think we look so happy.  We are so happy!  We slept in!  Waaaay past 6:30 a.m.!!  And we’re in France!


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