Clemyjontri Park


Clemyjontri Park is this huge park near us that makes it possible for children of all abilities to play.  It is also about halfway between Angie’s house and ours, so it works out perfectly for a playdate on a nice day.  And we’re all so thankful to have some cooler, nicer days.

Wes is so funny to me.  For days before seeing Angie he talked about Angie.  He woke up on this morning and the first thing he said was, “Angie?”  I’ve put the wedding album on the coffee table and he likes to look at it.  Not because most of the pages are filled with pictures of Mommy and Daddy but because Angie is in the book!  She’s dancing in one picture and so he calls it the Angie dancing book.  But then he’s face to face with her and he gets a little shy.


Aren’t Reed and Robbie so cute?


Wes refers to them in one big lump, “Obbie-Eed.”


The boys had fun together and I picked Angie’s brain about silly things like Kindergarten.  I know I shouldn’t worry about Kindergarten yet, but guys, 5-year-olds in our county only get 20 minutes of recess for a six hour day!  That seems impossible for little bodies and brains to handle!  Impossible!  I don’t know how to not worry about that.  But Angie helped, per usual.  Thank you, Angie.


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