First Family Trip!


The three of us have certainly traveled, but we have always traveled to visit family.  We have never traveled just us three simply for the sake of traveling.  Until this past weekend when we went to Boston!  I used to go to Sean’s conferences all the time pre-Wes.  (If you’d like to look back there’s Phoenix and more Phoenix and San Francisco that made it on the blog.)  I haven’t been to a conference since Wes’s arrival, so it was fun to not only rejoin Sean but also go on this first family trip.


We haven’t read Make Way for Ducklings yet, but heading to Boston Common and seeing the ducks (both real and statue) seemed like a must.


I’m trying really hard to remember to not phrase things in a question to Wes when I definitely want them to happen.  Because I definitely wanted a picture with my little duckling at the ducklings (since we took one together back in 2014 when he was still in my belly) and Wes’s response was no.  Multiple times no.  Unlike some things that I definitely want to happen, I don’t think it’s fair to force him to take the perfect picture with me after he’s said no.  (Getting a diaper change or leaving a playground is a different story.) We got sorta, kinda close and I’m learning to be okay with sorta, kinda close in this phase of life.


There’s a park by the frog pond and we spent a lot of time there getting wiggles out.


We kept our routine as in place as possible, and I was really happy that Wes  took successful naps both of the full days we were in Boston.  It was also nice because there’s nothing for me to do in a hotel room.  There’s nothing to clean, none of the resources I need to work on most projects, etc, so I read.  It was nice.  Especially nice since I found traveling like this pretty tiring, so I was grateful for forced downtime.


We went to the Children’s Museum on Saturday.  Just like Pittsburgh, I was again reminded how much I wish we had one in DC.  It rained on Saturday and because you could seriously spend all day here, it seems like the perfect thing for rainy or cold weather.  I wonder if I could start a petition to make such a thing happen.


I’m really grateful to the woman who stopped whatever set up she was doing and very, very cheerfully stood in the rain to take this family photo.


Then we went to lunch at Pastrol and had the most delicious pizza that Wes ate almost none of.  Sean and I loved it so much.  I have no idea how Sean thought of this or why it works, but sometimes when Wes won’t eat something Sean will say, “can you have a bite for the mailman?”  Sometimes it’s Grandma or the bus driver or the trash truck (we’re in a vehicles phase, can you tell?) instead of the mailman, but it works!  Not for a whole meal, but we will get some bites out of it. It’s so funny to watch his face as he thinks through, oh I’ll totally have a bite for the mailman.


Luckily our hotel had a pool so we swam in the afternoon since it was still raining and cold.  (Not to keep referencing past posts, but it is really interesting how times have changed.  In San Francisco it rained unexpectedly and we played Words with Friends and drank wine.)


Then we got a babysitter and snuck out for a date night!   We went to L’Espalier because Sean made partner (!!!) and this was where he wanted his celebration dinner to be!  We’ve been there before maybe about three years ago.  We went with Sean’s sister, Alli, and her husband, Mike, and had the best time.  There was something pretty great about Alli and Mike’s company the last time, but we still had a fantastic time and a very happy, much deserved celebration for Sean.

We were so done after this trip.  So, so, so tired.  We’re not really itching to run out and plan our next small family trip for just the sake of traveling, but Boston was good to us and we were happy to have made the effort take this first family trip.

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