Fall Festival Fun


Fall is my favorite season and even though it’s still pretty warm here, I’ve been itching to get out and enjoy some fall activities.


Mom, I know I heard a rooster!  Let’s go find it!


This fall festival was so great!  This place has to be a total crush of people on a weekend, but we choose to go right at the beginning of their season when the tickets are super discounted and it was perfect.  There was such a combination of activities, animals, slides, food, pumpkins, hayrides.  It was such a fun, fun day.  We went with Christy and Ian, and some other moms from my moms club.


Our group was all boys and they all were so enthralled with the idea of riding with the tractor.  (That’s Ian and Wes hanging on a fence and watching a hayride.)  I didn’t really want to go on the hayride but one of my friends was like yes we are doing this.  So worth it.  The boys were so quiet!  They sat so still and took it all in, and for a really long time!  So we all got to chat about a range of topics.  Some motherhood stuff and some non-motherhood stuff.  We also discovered that all four of us were from upstate New York!  (Okay, I’m not from there, but being born in Syracuse I thought I half counted.)


I’m including this last one only because I really never get candid photos of myself with Wes like this, and I think it’s fun to have one.  Thanks, Christy!  (She took the majority of these pictures, by the way.) (Also, in case you’re wondering why I’m complaining about warm weather when we’re wearing sweatshirts, we were very hot by the end.)

It was such a good day.  Such a very good day.


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