I didn’t do the best job of recording Thanksgiving in pictures.  But that’s not a reflection on our time.  We had a great time.  Especially since Sean’s parents babysat on the Tuesday before so we could go on a date and they let us sleep in every morning we were in Missouri.  It was amazing!


At least I thought to capture an important exchange between Wes, his great-grandpa, and vehicles.


This face is not a true reflection on the meal.  It was delicious.  Rich and Beth do such a great job of dinner.  They also do a great job of letting the newer family members add the Thanksgiving favorites to the meal.  Sean and I did the stuffing this year.  Rich and Beth also did a good job of letting Wes help with meal prep while Sean and I were sleeping.  Wes made the green bean casserole.


He, of course, loved the pumpkin pie.


Which some members of Sean’s family really think of as more equal parts pie and whipped cream.


Do you think Wes will ever smile in pictures?  I sure hope so.


The next morning Wes helped with the very important task of making the party mix for the Christmas season (it’s a take on chex mix, since it’s hard to tell what exactly we’re doing in these photos).  This stuff is delicious.  We didn’t take enough home with us so Sean made us a batch.  It’s on it’s last legs now and I will miss it.  Or, more optimistically, I will be so ready for the next batch next November.


Then we went to a tree farm to pick a tree for Rich & Beth.  I had never been to a tree farm before.  Growing up we always had a fake tree.  And we just bought a new fake tree that better fits the ceilings in our house so we will always have a fake tree.  What a fascinating place, tree farms.  Trying to determine which tree is the best for your family, walking around with saws, people shaking extra needles off of trees.


I don’t think we went intending to leave with a tree, but we did!  And you have to give it a bath before it goes into your house.  This is also fascinating to me about tree farms.

There were also wine tastings and puzzles and lots more fun not pictured here.  And I can’t emphasize enough how nice it was to get a little break from the morning shift.  Thanks, Rich & Beth!


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