Christmas with my mom’s  family is a big time.  She has three other siblings that join us for our Cozy Christmas.  They have seven adult children, and now there’s Sean, two littles, and an extra grandmother that join in.  It’s quite a crowd.  There’s always something going on.  It’s lots of fun.


Oh my gosh, this game was so fun.  Cover us up, Nana!  And then we’ll pop up like you all thought we really weren’t there and it was just Beanie Babies.  By the way, isn’t this one of the biggest Beanie Baby collections?  I had forgotten all about them.


The aunts and uncles watched the littles while the adult cousins when on a Saranac Brewery Tour.  Their regular root beer is delicious!  Maggie got one on tap which was so great.  They also made a spiked root beer which was also great.


I’m trying not to repeat myself while also recognizing that some of you can’t remember all the details of my family.  My mom’s sister, Aunt Annie, leaves two doors down from my mom’s brother, Uncle Mark.  Aunt Annie hosts the Christmas Eve festivities and Uncle Mark hosts Christmas Day.  So here we are with Christmas Eve.


I put my mom in charge of the cousin picture at first.  I have dozens and dozens of pictures documenting the talking, arranging, moving of furniture, moving around of people, etc. to make these pictures happen.  It’s fascinating but took forever to find the best ones.

Oh!  We had a Czech exchange student join us this year!  I totally forgot about that until I saw this picture.  Silvie made the best cookies.


It was so fun to play Santa this year!  It was so fun to watch Wes start to figure it out!  I already liked Christmas but I’m so excited for the Santa phase!


Halfmoons for breakfast!


Sean was happy to get a butchering lesson.


And then Aunt Ginger and Alexis lead us through the most amazing reindeer games.  A series of minute to win it games.  We were in four teams of four and it was so much fun!  That coming from the person who is not a game person.


It was hard to resist snapping the oldest and youngest in our group sharing the couch.


I love this picture so much!  I didn’t want to hug Sean around the waist because then all of the balloons would fall out.  But he was so enthusiastic about being a snow man (he did push-ups!) that I had to hug him.  And laugh.

Thanks, Aunt Ginger & Alexis!  It was so fun!  Sean and I were on Team 3 together, but I guess Team 4 did a really good job of promoting their team and shouting “Team 4” because Wes still randomly shouts “Team 4! Team 4!”  He also says “Aunt Joanne’s house.  Do again.”  So we had a great time.  Hope your Christmas was merry!


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