Another Baby!


Baby A 2, or BA2 (like a sheep says “ba” and then 2) as we like to say, is expected at the end of September!  Modern medicine is amazing and we already know we’re having a girl!  We feel really lucky that we get to have one of each.


I’m feeling much, much better now, but the first trimester was tough.  If you’ll remember, I had no morning sickness with Wes.  I had morning sickness this time.  I think it could have been worse, but it was still pretty uncomfortable and unpredictable.  It was nice to have a break from it sometimes, but it was also annoying that I never knew how I would feel that day.


I wore this dress for a date night.  I felt so obviously pregnant this night.  It is so amusing to remember that feeling and then to be where I am now in terms of my stomach protrusion and to remember how far I have to go.


Oops, week 9 just didn’t happen.


So that’s our big news!  We’re so excited to meet BA2!

Also, Happy Easter!


5 thoughts on “Another Baby!

  1. Lovely news! So sorry about the morning sickness, though. My niece Courtney is expecting in July, my nephew Perry is expecting in November. Quite a year! ❤️Love to all of you.
    Aunt Ginger

    • Thanks, Aunt Ginger. So many new babies! So much fun! And we are all so lucky to have you to help with our libraries. Wes loves “One Day The End” these days. We he knows which books are the Aunt Ginger books. 🙂

  2. Congratulations Sarah, Sean and Wes!! I’m so happy and excited for you 🙂 Take good care and enjoy this sweet chapter of your lives.
    love, Aunt Joanne

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