Week 16


It’s been so different to be pregnant for a second time.  Yes, there’s the morning sickness, but the emotions are different.  The first time there’s a glow.  An our-love-made-a-baby glow.  The second time the mystery is gone.  It has been a real comfort to talk with friends who have already had second babies or are also pregnant with second babies about this second pregnancy experience.  We all feel this same way.  When people say congratulations we think, “what?  Why?  Oh, right because there’s a baby growing in there.”  And then after that pause you get to the thanks.  Again, the mystery is gone.  There’s still excitement.  We’re still looking forward to being a family of four, but the second time is just very different.

This week I’ve been confusing gas bubbles with quickening, I’m pretty sure.  And it’s funny to see that quickening was on my mind at 16 weeks last time too.  So not different completely the second time around.

PS – In case you’re curious, just like last time I’m actually 17 weeks as I post this.  So week 16 was actually last week and each Monday is when my new week starts.

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