Anniversary Celebration!

Last Friday the 14th was Sean and my 5th wedding anniversary!  I remember thinking that five seemed like such a long time when we got married.  Now that we’ve made it to five it’s fun to reflect all that’s happened in that short time, but it is a short time.  It has been a really great run so far. Not without it’s ups and downs, but I feel so lucky to get to walk through life with Sean.  He never disappoints me.

We had a sitter lined up for Saturday but when Sean realized he could make it home early we went on a spontaneous date with Wes.  We went to one of our Old Town Alexandria favorites, Brabo.  (We’ve been there so, so, so many times  including two Father’s Days and this was our second time there this pregnancy even.)


I was a little nervous about how it would go.  We go to restaurants with Wes pretty much weekly, but not to ones with table clothes and kids menus that can’t be colored.  Plenty of grilled cheese and french fries were consumed by Wes, but he tried some of Sean’s sweet breads!  And liked them!  (He thought it was cheese…)  So that felt like a victory.  He also was very well behaved even if he pretended the bread plate was a hat once or twice.


I love Sean’s face in this picture so much!  Some very nice people offered to take our picture for us and it turned out to be their anniversary too!  They were celebrating nine years.  We haven’t had a family picture since Christmas, and I’m so happy to have this one.


We went out on Saturday too and had a fantastic meal and a fun walk through memory lane (we played pool at the same place we played pool on our second date), but I really enjoyed celebrating as a family.  Date nights are so important to us so I will never tell you that a date night isn’t fun or worth it, but I’m glad we celebrated both with and without Wes this year.

Happy anniversary, Favorite!  Here’s to many more!

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