Easter Weekend

Easter was so fun this year.  Like Christmas, it’s so much more fun now that Wes has a better understanding of these holidays and can get excited about presents and bunnies and eggs.  On Saturday we got together with the families of some of our yoga friends for a little egg hunt.  It was so great!  Erin, our host, the yoga studio owner, and a former teacher, is so clever and creative.  She  assigned an egg color to each child.  I’m putting that one in my back pocket for the future.  We had to talk through that some initially, but everyone caught on quickly and did a great job of finding just their own colors.  And the little prizes were so great, especially the stamps!  So simple and yet such a hit.


Then Easter morning the bunny came to see us!  The bunny respected the fact that Wes’s mother grew up with hidden plastic eggs with candy inside and Wes’s father grew up with hidden hard-boiled eggs.  Wes’s parents were so confused by the others tradition, but wasn’t it so nice of the bunny to accommodate both?


So many people are trying to be conscious of the amount of candy consumed at Easter.  Non-candy baskets feel like a big trendy thing people are doing.  I respect it.  I get it.  I attempted to go with a non-candy basket with that Play-Doh and that Roll & Play game.  But the candy is the best part!  I love Easter candy so much!  So I caved.  Cadbury Mini Eggs are too good and too seasonal to by-pass.


We also did a little yard work and Wes’s face so cute and so happy that I wanted to include those of those photos too.

Hope you had a happy Easter!



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