What we’ve been up to with the 1SE app

I’m so glad I found out about the 1SE (1 Second Everyday) app through bloggers and friends.  It is so fun!  I only wish I remembered to start using it sooner.  Basically, you choose a 1 second video clip for everyday and the app makes a video for you.  Easy and so fun!  Even though I knew this video would revolve around Wes, I initially intended to video projects we were working on and more date nights.  Some of that still made it in.  Since I was tired and sick often for the first part of this year, there’s a lot of Wes.  When I forgot to make a video of something non-Wes related (or if I had just taken a nap and not really done something non-Wes related) by the end of the day he was the default.  We’ll see how the rest of the year goes.  Maybe I’ll start to record more of my projects or Sean’s projects or more Sean and me things.  I’m sure it will still be majority Wes, though.  Anyway, instead of a compilation of pictures to catch you up, here’s our video through Easter Sunday.

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