Weekend Visitors

My parents moved to Pittsburgh back in March, and having them closer is so great!  We’ve been to see their new house, and they’ve visited us twice.  The last time they came they brought Maggie and Evelyn with them!  It was a quick trip but we had lots of fun.


I didn’t take many pictures.  In some ways is too bad because Wes and Evelyn were so cute together, but at the same time it’s sometimes nice to not always experience things behind the camera.

My mom brought me boxes of things that I can’t believe my parents have moved from Maryland to Memphis to Maryland to Oregon to Buffalo to Pittsburgh…  But then again, I recently thought I lost Wes’s birth certificate and went through some of the boxes in our basement and couldn’t believe some of the things that I moved from Hagerstown to College Park to Silver Spring to Arlington to Springfield, so it runs in the family.  (I found his birth certificates and also did an excellent job of getting rid of things (I mean that seriously), in case you’re wondering.)  There were some real gems, like this first family picture and the first time I ever tried to write my name.

I had this question myself so just want to clarify that those aren’t boobs.  Those are puffy sleeves. Puffy sleeves were very, very important to me growing up.  My mom had to cut off and create puffy sleeves on all of my dresses.  Also, my dad never wore top hats but this is a reoccurring theme for me.  I can’t wait until Wes starts to draw family photos.

But the best was my sister bringing my doll, Carol Linda!  I thought I lost her!  I’d been texting everyone.  I was so happy to be reunited I cried.


She also brought me some clothes made by my mom and grandmothers for she and me when we were little.  I feel really lucky to have them for my own daughter.


Then of course I made popovers as their breakfast send off.


They left on the day Wes turned 2.5 so as I added his newest height to my wall, I had the opportunity to add Evelyn’s too!  I think I might need to color code it.

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