Tudor Place

We’ve become friendly with some of the moms and kids in Wes’s preschool class, and one mom is a part-time museum educator.  On May 1st she organized a trip for us into DC to see the gardens at Tudor Place in Georgetown.


Isn’t this tree just beautiful?  It’s 200 years old!

I drive to Georgetown for Junior League meetings in the peak of rush hour.  So I was really delighted to be reminded that it’s only 30 minutes for us to get there.  I’m going to try to remember that for the future because it’s a nice place to spend a morning.


This is Wes’s friend Ian.  They really like each other.  It’s pretty sweet.  Ian’s mom took all the close up pictures (thanks, Christy!).  Here’s Ian and Wes at Frying Pan Farm Park last spring in case you’re curious in the difference a year makes.


The gardens were beautiful.  From what I could occasionally hear, the woman leading the tour did a great job of engaging the 4-5 year olds with discussions about flowers and plants.  The three boys from Wes’s class…way more interested in the sticks, rocks, and just generally running as far and as fast as they could in the green space.  But, hey, at least they learned that a garden is a nice place to be!


Apparently this is the face Wes gives you when you ask him to smile but don’t say cheese first.  It’s so funny to me!


In case you’re curious, Wes is not that much bigger than Ian.  Wes is on the big side still, but Ian’s just sitting back.

Again, a big thanks to Christy for taking some pictures of us together.


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