Burke Lake Park

We’ve visited Burke Lake Park a few times, but we’ve only been to the playground.  Recently we went with friends and they took us on an adventure around the actual lake!


It was so pretty and peaceful!  There’s so much to do here.  You can rent boats and camp and hike and picnic.  Wes was thrilled to be near the water and see the fish and the ducks.  He was also just so delighted to walk through the woods to get there, looking for sticks (he would dart off the trail and find the biggest stick possible and ask if he could bring it along…and we’re talking small logs).


He’s basically dance walking with happiness here.


Can you tell that the guy in the background is fishing?  Well he caught a little one and let the little boys touch him before throwing it back in.  Wes was excited to see the fish up close, but didn’t want anything to do with touching the fish.  Which I totally understand.


I’m so glad we discovered there’s so much more to this park than the playground!  It’s so close and so pretty!

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