Weeks 21 and 22

These past few weeks I’ve been dealing with heart palpitations.  A heart something or other is not an uncommon pregnancy symptom.  It’s been interesting to find out how many other mothers have had a heart something or other when I bring this up, but they are a first for me.  Honestly it’s been a little scary.  I may still need to see a cardiologist for an echocardiogram, but in general I’m fine and should be fine.  Doctors aren’t too concerned and the echo would just be a double-check that my heart is fine and that the palpitations really are just a pregnancy symptom.  The bad news is these palpitations increase with caffeine.  I was drinking decaf coffee (with the occasional one cup of regular thrown in on special occasions, like Mother’s Day) because I just love coffee and also to try to trick myself into thinking I was still drinking caffeine, and now I have to stop that.  Even that small amount of coffee makes a difference.  Such a bummer, but for the best.

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