Birthday Cake!

IMG_1572June 2nd was my birthday.  I’m 34 this year.  At some point in my childhood my mom started to make me Lady Diana’s birthday cake for my birthday.  I must have already declared a love for strawberries and she must have found the recipe in a magazine and decided to give it a try and a tradition was born!

Happy Birthday!

From my count, this is me on my 10th birthday.  This birthday party was very memorable to me.  It was just maybe three or four of my friends and we had a tea party with ginger ale as tea, grenadine as cream, and cherries as sugar.  My mom is so clever!  I remember making the invitations with her using lace as a stencil for one side.  I also really loved this outfit (that skirt was perfect for twirling), and I think this was my last birthday in this house.

I haven’t had this cake in a really long time.  I tried to make it last year during a naptime.  It seems pretty obvious when reading the instructions, but I missed that I should have used the whisk attachment instead of the paddle attachment for the cake part and totally messed this cake up.  I must have had a long week or just really wanted to eat this cake because I remember being very, very devastated that it didn’t work out.  But I tried again this year.  I was worried to let Wes help me because I didn’t want another year to go by without this cake, but we did it together.


Sometimes baking with Wes is more successful than other times.  He dropped a whole egg on the floor this time.  This was still a successful baking session overall, and while cleaning up an egg in the grand scheme of life is such a small thing, it doesn’t take away from the frustration in that moment.  But the cake turned out this year!


This was the first time in Wes’s lifetime that I made a whole cake for a birthday.  So I got to introduce him to the joy that is cake for breakfast!  I love birthday cake for breakfast.  It’s definitely one of the best things about a birthday.

Lady Diana’s birthday is July 1 and she would have turned 56 this year.  I’m not sure you need an excuse to make this cake, but if you’re looking for one that’s as good as any.

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