A Crib for Baby Margaret

Daniel Tiger has a lot of power in our house.  Or did.  Until we introduced Bob the Builder and now Bob the Builder is the only thing Wes will watch.  But, at the time we told Wes he was going to be a big brother, Daniel Tiger was it.  To break the news we got him a Baby Margaret doll.  In case you’re unfamiliar, Baby Margaret is Daniel’s little sister and there are a few episodes around her birth and the disruption a baby might cause to your family.  Baby Margaret comes in a cardboard crib that I had planned to recycle right away but Wes wanted her to sleep in it, so I kept it.  The crib had a slow destruction.  It would be missing this little piece and then this little piece until finally it just wasn’t an effective crib anymore.  Wes wanted a new one though.  Baby Margaret needs a crib!  Daddy can make a new crib, but, of course, Wes had to help.


We appreciate that Wes is a kid that loves his Baby Margaret doll so much that he wanted to make sure she had a proper place to sleep, but at the same time wanted to be involved in all the sawing and drilling and hammering and building.


Sean did let Wes help a bit, but most of his “help” was watching or using scraps of wood and a few safe tools to “build” something of his own just outside of Sean’s wood shop.  He still loved being a part of this project though.  Wes is in a phase right now where Sean is IT.  When Sean’s home I’m banned from the playroom or the basement or wherever he and Sean and working on a special project (even if that special project is just coloring).  Sometimes we tell him it’s family time and I can be in the same room as them, and sometimes I say okay have your special time.  I’ll take advantage of this time alone.  Since there was a phase where Wes didn’t want Sean ever, it’s nice that they’re getting some quality time together now.


This was a multi-weekend project and we’re all very happy with the final product!  Baby Margaret’s crib has a special place right next to Wes’s bed, although her place during naptime and bedtime is still with him.  Along with what feels like 50 of his other stuffed animal friends.  It’s getting to be a real zoo in there.  And it’s remarkable how he knows when just one is missing, and that one must be found before he can settle into bed for the night.  Because the other 49 stuffed animals just won’t do.

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