Week 25

For the first time, Wes came to one of my regular doctor appointments.  He came to the anatomy scan so he kept asking about whether we’d get to see her on the TV screen and if Daddy would be there.  He was fascinated by the doctor and BA2’s heartbeat.  And luckily everyone gave him lots of stickers and smiles.

In the elevator after our appointment there was a woman who tried to engage Wes and then said to me how much she missed the days I am in right now.  I told her that I’ve been told that before and appreciate the reminder.  I really do.  That some days can be really hard but I also try really hard to keep this in mind.  Because I do have a sense that I will miss this sweet time.  This time of random kisses and hugs and “I love yous.”  This time of rediscovering very ordinary things through the eyes of a small child.  This time of laughter and joy.  But when you’re in the trenches of parenthood it can be so, so hard to remember that these days are some of the best.  I don’t believe the bad outweighs the good, but the bad days can be pretty discouraging.  But I try to remember that I will miss these days just like all of the ladies in the elevators (and there are so, so many ladies in elevators missing these days it seems) remind me.  Even as I fret about how I’ll work another baby into all of this.  I’ll try to remember and enjoy.

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