Week 28

I know I skipped week 27.  I forgot to take a picture.  Week 27 and week 28 were so similar anyway.  I’m in the 3rd trimester as of this week!  I can’t believe it!  This has all gone by so fast!

I’ve had a good month of time.  There have been little things here and there, like some carpal tunnel and the need to waddle by the end of the day, but overall the last month has been one of the best.  Despite being so hot!  I have this recollection that the summer before Wes was born wasn’t so bad.  I remember being mostly comfortable (temperature-wise) the whole summer.  I forgot that I spent my days in cushy air conditioning.  What a different world with a small child that likes to be outside.  It’s amazing how hot I can get by just sitting in the sun.  And, yeah, how often am I just sitting?  It’s worth it though.  I’ve really come to love being outside, even if I wish it were a little cooler sometimes.  More importantly, it makes Wes so happy!


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