Week 32

I got over some heartburn this week.  It was an easy fix and I should have Googled it sooner.  Sean had to do it for me.  Turns out laying down after dinner is not great when you’re pregnant.  There’s not much room to digest and laying down makes it worse creating heartburn.  Maybe I’m not remembering correctly, but I didn’t have any heartburn with Wes and I definitely used to lie down after dinner.  I’d also been drinking a nightly glass of lemonade as my “cocktail,” and think that had something to do with it.  I was pretty sad to give up the lemonade at first, but the trade off is so much better.

We went to IKEA this past weekend for a dresser and bookshelf for BA2.  Sean put it all together and Wes sorta kinda helped me fold clothes and place books on the shelf.  Last week I was feeling far from ready for this baby to come, but this week I’m feeling much better.

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