2 is not without it’s challenges, but it’s been my favorite so far.  That’s in large part due to the explosion of language and the personality that starts to emerge when kids can talk.  Here are some of the best things Wes has said lately.

When I go to get Wes after his nap I usually ask him if he had a good nap.  The other weekend he was struggling to nap.  He had barely stayed in his bed and when I went up to re-snuggle him he says to me as soon as I open the door: “Hey Mom, I had a good nap.  Let’s go outside!”

Mid-snack Wes crosses his arms, looks at me very seriously, and says” So, Mom, after camp and preschool, I’m going to elementary school.”

We’re playing in the playroom as a family.  Wes places his step stool in the middle of the room, climbs on top, sticks one of his pointer fingers up in the air and declares: “Conservation is our responsibility!”

Not quite an ism, but something I love now that he’s potty trained.  I’ll be in the kitchen and he in the playroom.  He comes to the kitchen, we make eye contact, and he bursts into a big smile.  He gives me a thumbs up all the way to the bathroom door and I just say, “Good job, Buddy,” because he doesn’t want to be asked about it and he wants his privacy.  Which I think we can all appreciate.


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