Week 35

I wish I had taken a picture or walked you through what we took to the hospital when I was pregnant with Wes.  I don’t remember everything, but I know it was ridiculous.  We had three whole bags that poor Sean had to lug around, and we barely touched anything.  I think he also had to shove his stuff into a corner of a bag so we didn’t end up with four.  They were fairly big bags too.  We didn’t touch the diapers or wipes or pads or snacks or so many of the other things the internet told me I’d want but the hospital provides.  This time, I’m bringing two much smaller bags.  I do have a set of clothes in my bag that I might toss out depending on when we leave and what I’m already wearing when we leave.  Even with that extra set of clothes Sean can easily put his stuff in my bag.  I like that for this aspect of our hospital visit with BA2 I can say been here done that and we don’t need nearly four bags of things.  The rest of this hospital visit I’m sure will be very different than our first.  I was swapping birth stories with friends recently and it’s amazing how different birth stories are.  I wonder how BA2 will come….

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