Week 36

The other day Sean came home from work with Breath Right strips.  I’m one of those pregnant ladies that starts to really snore in the third trimester.  Sean’s been managing it this time with ear plugs, but the other night he heard me wake myself up 3 or 4 times before he put his plugs in.  “I think one of the reasons you’re so tired is because your snoring is even waking you up,” he said.  So he bought me the stripes so I could hopefully sleep better.  And it’s working!  I wake up more refreshed!  I’m still tired because I’m pregnant, but definitely more refreshed!  Yay for Sean!  Yay for Breath Right strips.  Too bad we didn’t think about this months ago!

I was getting ready a few days after Sean made this purchase and Wes found the strips.  He asked if I could help him open one, so I did.  I went back to getting ready and then he comes over with the strip on his own little nose!  Sean and I love this picture, so I had to share.

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