Happy birthday, Sean!

Yesterday was Sean’s birthday.  I was looking back at last year’s post about his birthday, and laughed again at the video of Wes shouting “Sean!” up the stairs.  It’s funny because Wes went out of the Sean phase, switched to calling him the normal dad or daddy for a very long time, and now is back full force into a Sean phase.  Sometimes even sneaking in the occasional “I love you, Favorite.”  It’s also funny how he might say dad first, and will switch to Sean if he doesn’t get Sean’s attention right away.  Kids!  Two year olds!  I love it!

Sean and I celebrated his birthday this year with a date on Saturday night, probably our last night out before BA2 comes.  Which is exciting and a little sad all at the same time.  Then our family celebrated with cake on Sunday.  So we were almost all partied out by yesterday.  Although Wes has been eating cake for breakfast since Sunday.  I think I need to put a stop to that tomorrow morning.

Sean’s favorite cake is Texas sheet cake.  It’s a cake that’s growing on me.  It’s very tasty, but I like to have a pretty presentation.  It’s hard to make sheet cake pretty.  I also wish it had more of a fudge frosting, but that was quickly shot down by Sean as soon as I said it.  So classic sheet cake it is!

Even though it’s a day late, happy birthday, Sean/Favorite/Dad!  We love you!

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