Madeline’s Weekly Photo Project

1 week2 weels3 weeks4 weeks

It’s amazing what I forgot about babies!  The intensity of the witching hour, all the crying, how to hold them when you feed them, the number of diapers you go through in a day!  But also how fun it can be to start to maybe see the tiny hint of a smile, how they grasp your finger, how sweet they are when they fall asleep on you.  The two kid thing is no joke though.  We are very tired.  Everyone says it gets easier, and I believe them.  I know from experience that some of this newborn stuff that I find particularly challenging will go away, but adjusting to a new normal where there is very little downtime is hard (although by some miracle both children are napping right now while Sean and I have some of that precious downtime).

Anyway, I’m proud of myself for getting these photos done each week even though it’s pretty hectic over here.  It’s amazing how fast babies change in a year!

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