Channel 34

In my opinion, Sirius XM Channel 34 – Lithium is the best Sirius XM radio station.  Lithium is 90’s Alternative and Grunge and it takes me right back.  Do you have Sirius XM Radio?  Do you wonder about their business model like I do?  I bought my car in the summer of 2014, right before Wes was born, and I have never once paid for Sirius XM radio.  For the longest time I ignored it but then I disovered Lithium and if those Sirius XM people ever finally catch on to the fact that I’m not paying for their service I might have to consider!

Anyway, I was in my car last month listening to Channel 34 on the way to preschool pick up.  Madeline was in the back either happily babbling or just being delightful.  And then The Flaming Lips’ song “She Don’t Use Jelly” came on and I turned it up and sang so loud.  Do you remember this song too?  Do you wonder why it is she chose Vaseline over jelly?  Not quite as mysterious as the Sirius XM business model, but still a great mystery.


As I was singing this song and thinking about the 90s and how wonderful the music was, it reminded me of a conversation I had with my parents recently.  I was telling my dad how growing up I just could not understand why he only listened to Oldies.  Why wasn’t he interested in staying current with music?  It’s so good!  I told my dad I had been listening to Lithium for a few weeks enjoying the music of my youth when I realized.  Oh.  That’s why he listened to Oldies.  And oh.  I guess I’ve reached that point too.  And oh.  Lots of other things you feel when you’re about to be 35 and you’re not old and you know you’re not old but you’re not young and worst of all you’re not relevant anymore.  They aren’t marketing to you anymore.  And who are these people hosting and performing in the recorded episode of SNL you’re watching at 8 pm the next day once the kids are tucked in?

And oh.  Maybe I could write a blog post about this.  But oh, I just canceled that subscription.  Hmm.  To be continued?

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