Pizza Friday

I don’t know if this is actually true, but it felt like we had pizza every Friday growing up.  Or for a portion of my childhood.  A portion that overlapped at least a little bit with TGIF.  Wasn’t TGIF amazing?  I love our recorded shows, but I get so nostalgic for those days when everyone huddled around the TV watching the same exact person deliver the same exact news or the same exact TV shows at the same time.

Anyway, I love this idea of pizza Fridays.  I looked forward to it as a kid (because in addition to pizza you could have soda without having a glass of milk first!).  There’s a ton of pizza consumed over here, but it’s not always on Friday and it’s not always as a family.  It’s been awhile so bare with me I remind myself of details I’ve shared here, but we don’t eat dinner as a family Monday-Thursday.  Sometimes not every Friday either.  It just doesn’t work for us during this season of life.  But last Friday it all worked out that we had a family dinner and that family dinner was pizza!


Wes asked to have his picture taken.  Look at that sweet face.


It’s hard to have patience for pizza.  He kept asking Sean if he could help “saw” the pizza.  Ha!



Sean and Wes have a big time together on Saturday mornings.  First it’s a little soccer clinic and then it’s the grocery store.  In their time together, the topic of changing your mind has come up, and how it’s okay to change your mind.  Wes has been a cheese only guy for some time.  But decided on this pizza Friday that pepperoni actually is okay.  And it’s okay to change your mind, right, Dad?

Oh, I realize I should clarify that although Madeline is doing great on solids, her 6:30 bedtime makes it difficult to have a family dinner with her when we’re home.  So when our family dinners are at home she goes to bed first and Wes gets some time with us and a later bedtime.  Again, this is what works best for us during this season of life.  IMG_8539IMG_8540

Sean and I have been doing in-home date nights for the last few months.  We try to go out for a date once a month, too, but that still leaves a lot of nights at home with sleeping children.  (Which reminds me of one of Joanna Goddard’s posts on Instagram.  So true.) So we started these in-home date nights to shake things up a bit.  We either pick something out of a jar (the jar contains ideas like play the Newlywed Game, share favorite songs, make a vacation bucket list, have takeout by candlelight, etc.) or a Datebox.  On this Friday we had an escape room Datebox.  It was fun.  Pirates attacked our cruise ship and we had to figure out the codes to open the dying captain’s room, get into his safe, and figure out the right frequency for sending our distress signal!  The box also had some questions to talk about how we’re stronger as a couple vs as individuals, and how we know we’re supported by the other, etc.  A mostly ordinary Friday over here last Friday, but a good one all the same.


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