36 weeks

36 weeks

When I picked the playroom carpet for this project it was mostly for ease.  I also had the thought, oh, she’s a girl I’ll probably put her in pink all the time so there’ll be a nice contrast.  There’s some pink in this project, but so much blue.  I guess I should have realized that.  Everyone in our family wears so much blue (and I’m mostly in charge of everyone’s clothes).  I’m also surprised that I’m just now really getting into bows.  I know there are few in earlier pictures, but it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve put her in a bow to go out in public.  I thought I’d be all over bows from day 1.

Madeline has two favorite things to drag her little body to these days.  First, to any parent sitting on the ground.  She wants your hands so she can work on pulling up.  Second, to the piano.  She’ll sit and look at it and then at you.  Because she loves banging on it.  Her little face the first she she banged on it and it made a noise was the best.


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