Second Date Salmon

I search “second date salmon” on this blog pretty often and it always surprises me that I come up with nothing.  Second date salmon is our special occasion go-to.  We make it for anniversaries, birthdays, and for friends when we entertained at night more.  So when I requested it for my birthday the other week and again searched “second date salmon” and again was surprised it wasn’t already recorded here, I decided to remedy the situation.

On our second date, Sean suggested we tour the Embassies.  They have an open house day every year.  What a great suggestion, I thought.  Who is this guy?  We did that for a little bit.  It wasn’t quite as fun as we hoped but we weren’t ready for the date to end so we played pool.

We played best out of three, maybe, and the loser had to cook dinner.  Sean lost.  Sean’s really good at pool.  He will not admit to swinging the game.  Sean’s really good at pool.

So we went to Whole Foods where, without looking at his phone once or skipping a beat or displaying any hesitation, he pulls all of these ingredients into his basket.  Who is this guy?

Sean worked at a restaurant called TenPenh in college.  TenPenh was so great.  I went there with my parents during a restaurant week and had my first experience with Som.  The three of us picked very different dishes and that Som picked the exact right one for all of us!  It was amazing!  Anyway, Sean ate their salmon dish and wanted to recreate it at home.  So he worked at it and worked at it and finally got it.  To be fair he’s still working on it.  He switched from green beans on the side to baby bok choy not that long ago.

So on our second date we eat this very delicious and amazing dish that Sean whips up without ever looking at a recipe.  Who is this guy?

The man I get to call my husband now.  Who makes this really great dish twice or three times a year.  It’s my favorite food ritual in our family.

Second date salmon is wasabi mashed potatoes, spicy Szechuwan baby bok choy (but originally green beans), salmon, and hoisin butter sauce.  Garnished with as many black and white sesame seeds and chives as your heart desires (and in Sean’s case, that’s a lot).

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