An Afternoon in the Yard

One of our neighbors has a fancy camera and every now and then he catches our family (and other families…but we have the babies and it’s hard to resist taking pictures of babies, right?) at the right moment and takes some pictures to share with us.


I love this picture.  I wish I could remember what Wes was saying.  More often then not, if you approach us in our yard this is how Wes greets you.  He’s got something serious to tell you and he’s going to cross his arms about it.  I think this is a Sean mannerism.


I couldn’t decide which of these Madeline portraits I liked best.  I will miss when I can’t just plop her down in the grass anymore.  It doesn’t last for too long, but there are moments when we’re outside and Madeline is fine sitting and observing and Wes is fine digging a hole, foundation, ant house, what have you in my garden and I can just sit without any children on me.  Of course I like hugging and kissing and having them on me, but it’s nice to just be too.


Who is this man child?!  Is this my 3.5 year old or a teenager?!


That’s Wes’s jackhammer.  A important for hole, foundation, ant house, what have you digging.


Sweet, right?  It is sweet.  Really it is.  But watch as it becomes less of a hug and more of a forced re-positioning.


I titled this “An Afternoon…” but really you can find us just like this most afternoons that the weather allows.  In the mornings we try to go somewhere, but in the afternoons between nap time and dinner prep, it’s nice to stay close to home.  I always thought of myself as an indoor girl, but it turns out I really crave being outside.  So does Wes now.  Hopefully Madeline does too, but we’ll see.  The fresh air is so good for us.  I’m so happy to have these pictures that make just our normal everyday afternoon look a little more special.

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