Italy Part II


On the 3rd day of biking we did this massive climb pretty early in our day.  It was so steep and it went on seemingly forever.  But we did it!  Sean and I!  We did the whole thing and never stopped once!  We were going 3 miles an hour but we did it.  Now, I’m not saying it wouldn’t have been a success overall to have accomplished this climb even if you did stop.  But I just don’t get back on my bike very well, so the thought of getting back on was enough to make me not want to stop.  I’m just not skilled at it.  To the point it caused traffic slow downs at least once or twice and I know those Italian drivers were cursing me.  Anyway, others did make it up themselves, but not everyone, and I’m super proud of us for conquering it.


Here we are with the road we came into town on.  But of course it doesn’t look like any kind of hill at all there.


I know this is a lot of pictures of us but this one is funny.  Our group picked a stopping point that was also clearly part of the daily ritual of an older Italian gentleman.  He wasn’t giving his spot up for us.  When I asked someone to have our picture taken, he was very insistent that we wanted this angle because of the view instead.  I’m glad we got both views because my head is blocking what he meant and so we’re stuck with a bunch of cars here.  But he and his opinions about our group were funny.  I think some direction about how to fill bottles with water were also given (luckily our tour guides spoke Italian).


Then we biked into the town of Barolo, where a group of us tasted some wines before our lunch.  We were able to talk to the winemaker at lunch, and that was the highlight of learning for this trip.


Then back to our hotel for an Aperol Spritz before dinner.  It became our tradition to get ready for dinner a little early so we could have one before heading out with the group.  I found out about Aperol Sprtiz right before we left from my Instagram feed.  I’m so glad I did because what a perfect summer drink.  Luckily Aperol is easy enough to get here and we’ve already made a few of these for ourselves at home.


We were in Alba for dinner on our own this night.  There were so many surprising things I learned about this part of Italy on this trip.  For instance Alba is the capital of Nutella and Kinder Eggs!  Sean suggested we get pizza and although it was high on my list of things to have before leaving Italy, I wasn’t initially thrilled by this idea.   But this pizza was the best!  We didn’t eat with them, but others from our group also made it over to this pizza place, and we all agreed it was some of the best pizza.

Up next, a church of wine and…more hills.

PS – Part I here.


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