Italy Part IV


More hills.  It was never ending.  This particular hill was watched over by the Black Madonna.  She watched over a short but fierce one.  We again didn’t stop because I just couldn’t.  It was intense.


Our final destination on this final full day of biking was a castle and a picnic.


We also got a little tour of their wine making processes and cellar.


Our guides and the picnic they put together!


Then we had our final dinner as a group.  There was maybe a bit too much wine and grappa involved, but it was so fun and such a great way to end the week with a great group of people.


This is not my best picture, but there’s a story here.  Earlier in the week one of our companions asked what our last dinners would be if we were on death row.  It’s a go-to question of hers.  She’s asked it for years at all kinds of occasions.  It turns out I’m the first person to ponder how I got into the prison to have this death row meal before even considering my meal.  This seemed like an important detail to my answer.  I wanted to be able to hijack a really expensive car with a gun with Sean as a sidekick (he’d be needed to drive it since he can drive a stick and I can’t).  I wanted to have some fun without killing anyone to get to death row.  We all decided that the only way to get on death row was to actually commit a murder.  At our last dinner of our trip, there was an art exhibit in the building behind our table.  A few people went in and told me they had found my perfect weapon, so here I am trying look scary with my perfect weapon.  Sean and I decided both of our last meals would be Second Date Salmon (so glad I explained that before this trip so I could link it!).  And this almost doesn’t seem funny given some of the particulars, but it was fun at the time and a fun memory.


Sean and I had two nights together in Turin before our trip officially ended.  Here’s my best picture of Turin, which is a great and interesting city that we really enjoyed.  Italy, such a good time and so needed in our lives.  More importantly though, unlike when we returned from France I was ready to be home.  I didn’t wish I was back in Italy at all.  I was 100% happy to be back.  And that was the best part of all.  That we got the break we needed as parents and partners and were just so delighted to be back with our sweet children as soon as we returned.  Thank you Italy and Rich and Beth!

There’s maybe a travel video coming, but I’m having the hardest time with music!

Parts I and II and III, if you missed them.

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