Lunch with Dad

A few Fridays ago the three of us took a trip into DC to have lunch with Sean. What a big time! The last time Wes and I did this, I was still pregnant with Madeline. And the time before that was our first time when Wes was Madeline’s age! Oh my gosh!

Between construction and tow trucks and being with Dad and hotels and people everything the city has to offer, there was such excitement from Wes. He’s in this phase where he refers to Sean as “my dad.” “Is my dad home?” “Where is my dad?” “Is my dad having lunch?” I don’t know if he’s trying to distinguish that I have a different dad or take ownership of the dad in our house away from Madeline or what, but I think it’s sweet.

I got sushi! Helped satisfy that craving from way back on my birthday!

We walked Sean to his office (that building in the background, if you’re curious) and then back to the car. Wes was so sad about leaving Sean. So sad that “my dad” couldn’t come home and not fully grasping that the next day was Saturday and he’d be home with us anyway. When do kids have a better understanding of time? It’s so funny to me how at dinner we might talk about what’s happening the next day and he’ll ask “today?” and I’ll explain that I was talking about tomorrow and he’ll again ask “today?” Maybe it’s just Wes.

As we drove out of the city I knew that I could get myself home, except I know it better by sight than street names and when we pulled out of the garage I had a hard time thinking through the streets so I used my phone to map it. It took me a way I didn’t want to go and so I said, mostly to myself but out loud, “I don’t want to go this way but I don’t want to make a bad decision.” And from the back seat I hear “don’t make a bad decision, Mom.” So I followed the phone. It was fine. Right before getting on the highway I didn’t like how a few cars cut me off and if I said something I don’t remember what. Then I hear from the back seat ” relax, Mom. They can turn. It’s their chance.” I laughed both times, especially that second time. Because when you are the car cutting someone off but not meaning to so you can avoid taking the wrong turn, it really does feel like your chance. Sometimes I’m so surprised by how grown up his comments can sound. And sometimes we go back and forth 10 times about “today?”

1 thought on “Lunch with Dad

  1. The ability to dwell in the moment that comes so easily to little children has the consequence of not understanding a timeline. Nice story.

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