44 weeks

44 weeks.jpg

Madeline has no patience for non-interactive books.  She wants “Dear Zoo,” “Pat the Bunny,” and “Peek-a-Who?”  If the book doesn’t not have some kind of flap she’s rushing through the pages.  Can we get to the fun stuff already?  Wait, there’s no fun stuff, why are we reading this?!  I’m still trying to sneak in non-interactive books when I can, but it’s definitely not her favorite.

The struggle is real trying to figure out how to get Wes to play nicely with Madeline.  I wonder if she’s keeping a tally in her head of all the pushes and pinches and will come back for her revenge as soon as she can figure out how.  I know this won’t change, but I’m a little surprised by how early it’s started that they’ll play with each other and mostly nicely and then all of a sudden it’s such a crisis!  I had a friend tell me her son and daughter with a similar age difference don’t fight…do you think that was really true?

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