Deep Creek Lake

Growing up, my Papa and Steppie had a house by a lake in the Adirondacks. A trip to upstate New York, with a stop at that lake house, was part of our summer vacation every year until I graduated from high school? Maybe just a few years before that?

It was pretty magical, these trips to the Adirondacks. I loved every lake swimming, motor boat riding, Jelly Belly and Half Moon cookies and popover eating, Saranac root beer drinking, deer feeding from my hand, Jeep riding into town moment of that experience. Magical.

When my parents told me they were going to rent a cabin in Deep Creek for 10 days, I said we will be there the whole time! I want to create some lake magic!

When I thought about creating lake magic it was more of a recreation of lake magic for me that would spill over to my children. I got it wrong. Instead, I created lake magic for my children that maybe splashed over to me. Trickled maybe? I got a drop?

I was too busy being the mother this time.  Turns out being too busy being the mother can wreck a vacation if you’re not careful.  I was not careful.  Is that a lesson one is able to learn in time?  Is the answer no?  Is this one of those reasons all the mothers in elevators are telling me to enjoy this time?  Because we’re too busy being the mother to be careful and so all we can do is tell the next round of mothers to be careful?  Does that make anyone else want to cry?

I left our time at Deep Creek thinking never again! But that’s not true. Because looking at these pictures and remembering every lake swimming, Swan raft riding, s’mores and monkey bread and ice cream for dinner and kettle corn eating, chicken feeding, lavender farm and goat cheese store visiting moment of this trip, I realize it was pretty magical. I just hope I can remember next time that it’s going to be chaotic and wild but that’s part of how the magic is made so just relax.

I actually can’t wait to go back. Plus anyone else wishing they had purchased 97 more bags of kettle corn?!

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