Deep Creek State Park

While I obviously struggled during my first vacation with children, there were of course so many great times. Our day at Deep Creek Stare Park is the first of a few I’ll separate out.

Do remember that Wes had this wish list of places to visit for the summer? I never thought we’d accomplish his list because I didn’t think lakes had sand and we’re not really beach lovers, but it turns out the lake at Deep Creek State Park does and so we checked off everything! I’m so pleased! Anyway, we went to the lake beach just once. On our first full day. I wish we had gone back. The sand and water were so fun!

Hooray, beach, Madeline says! She loved the sand, but she didn’t eat it! Which was great but really surprised me.

Also, portrait mode on the iPhone! How amazing is this feature?! I think I had used it one time before and then this trip Maggie took all of these amazing pictures. I really never need a real camera again.

Wes, of course, loved the sand too. He had trouble getting into lake swimming. It really is a unique experience. I had a little trouble at first getting back into it. The bottom was super squishy at the house we rented and very rocky at the state park. Hopefully with time he’ll get the hang of it.

Red solo cups for the win! A trick I’ve learned from other moms. When you find yourself somewhere that you would care if a sand toy was lost but still want a sand toy, just buy a bunch of solo cups! Wes observed a few boys playing in the sand and he went up, introduced himself, and asked if he could play. I think they were unsure if him at first but were very interested in his solo cups, so they let him play. And he eventually got his hands on their big bucket! So that’s what happens when you introduce yourself and have solo cups!

Then Nana gave him dinosaur legs right before we left for the day. So happy we were able to check this one off of Wes’s summer bucket list!

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