A treasure hunt!

By Friday, everyone had arrived at Deep Creek. It was a big crew. Sean, NanaPapaAuntMaggieEvelyn, Aunt Ginger, Uncle Don, Aunt Joanne, Uncle Mark, and of course Wes, Madeline, and me. Aunt Joanne helped organize a treasure hunt for Wes and Evelyn. Which was so fun for both and kept them separate for a little bit of time. Something I think we all needed at this point of the trip.

What a “surprise” it was to find sparkly stones and seashells in the backyard of our house! How could they have possibly gotten there?!

After finding the “surprises” everyone was so excited to see what other treasures we could find! A feather, bird houses, a hornet’s nest, and countless rocks and leaves. Both bags of mostly countless rocks and leaves were promptly dumped on Maggie’s lap when she arrived. She was a good sport about it.

Right before Maggie arrived we built a fire for s’smores a little later. It was getting a little chilly and how hilarious is Evelyn turning just a summer chill into a whole Eskimo experience?

Friday turned out to be National S’mores Day! There was also a chance of rain but by great luck we got a s’more in right before the rain came!

I think this next picture happened the next day, but I want to mention our first annual cousin hammock picture. We used to take hammock pictures in the Adirondacks. So here’s the first one of this newest generation and one from the last (although not fully representative of all the cousins, just Maggie, Taylor, me, and Nikki.)

Guess I should add hammock picture taking to the lists of great things about both Adirondack trips and Deep Creek trips. I can’t wait to see how the faces in this new picture change over time!

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