Swallow Falls State Park

Weeks before we arrived in Deep Creek and even while we were in Deep Creek, the weather was supposed to be rain. All day everyday rain most of the days. But that wasn’t the reality! There was rain, but we were all so happy we were able to get out most of the time. The morning of our Swallow Falls walk was one of those mornings we thought we’d be rained out but weren’t.

Sean, Wes, and I went with Maggie, my mom, and Madeline, while someone (maybe just my dad) stayed home during Madeline’s nap.

Isn’t my momma so cute watching the drips come down from the rocks?

I’m so glad we did this hike/walk. It was at the perfect level for our 3-year-olds. A little bit of a challenge but not too long and really pretty. It reminded my mom and me of Oregon. (Again, must go back and read more about these childless people in Portland for the sole purpose of tracking down a wine seller! Such fresh faces!  There’s just one picture in that post that reminds me of Swallow Falls but I’m linking it anyway.)

It also reminded me of the gorges in Ithaca.  (Not quite so fresh faced….)

We thought we’d end up in a swimming whole. I’m not sure this was really it, but the adults were ready to head back and the kids were really needing to make it to the swimming whole, so here we are! Thanks, Sean for not making me take off my socks and sneakers and taking one for the team here.

This was wonderful outing and a great way to end the Deep Creek series.  Until next year!

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