Kansas City

Often Sean’s mom’s birthday and an annual golf outing for his parents’ church fall around the same weekend in August. We went this year for the first time in awhile and had such fun! It was too short.

I took the most pictures on our first night, when we went out for pizza with everyone, including Great Grandpa.

I love this series of pictures of Wes and Great Grandpa! I have no idea what was going on with these two, but it looks like a nice, sweet time. I feels special that I got to capture it.

The pizza at this restaurant is now some of our favorite pizza anywhere!

Can you see how all the adults have their phones out so Wes wanted to be a picture taker too?

Such excitement and fun to be together!

Of course we had to check out the caboose and the fountain before heading home.

More sweet Great Grandpa photos! I swear Madeline enjoyed herself!

We finished the night with pie and a tour of the fairy garden. How fun is the fairy garden!? Also, I was instructed (definitely not asked) to get Beth’s peach pie recipe because it’s Sean’s favorite. I’m writing this the week before Labor Day, knowing I will attempt this favorite for that holiday weekend. I’m a little nervous. It’s a lot of pressure to recreate a favorite from not just your mom but grandmother. I’ll probably have to do a follow up post to let you know how that goes! I hope well!

Look at that car! That’s a MG Midget! That is the type of car Rich had in high school (I think, or around then). He found someone selling theirs and bought it as a retirement gift to himself! It really is a midget. Sean and I went for a drive. I’m so glad Rich has it and drives it and loves it, but my goodness car safety has come a loooooong way. I wish I had taken a picture of the “safety” belt. The two pieces hardly stay together. It was fun to take it for a spin, but not safe.

Again, too short of a trip. But fun! Looking forward to our return at Thanksgiving.

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