Peach Pie

When NanaPapaAuntMaggie&Evelyn came to visit, we were wanting to watch some Downton Abbey re-runs on PBS. The PBS station in Pittsburgh was playing those re-runs but the PBS station in DC was playing The Great British Baking Show. I had never seen it. I loved it!

One night shortly after their visit I went to the bathroom before Sean and I settled into TV for the night, and I came back to find The Great British Baking Show all cued up on Netflix! I skipped to the family room, hugged and kissed my husband, and have been delighting in the show ever since. We watch a lot of Sean shows. I mostly like them, but I just don’t have a lot of shows that make sense to watch with Sean (I spare him the torture of RHONYC…it’s kind of embarrassing that I love that show anyway).

It just so happened that the day Beth sent me the peach pie recipe (because even though I had been instructed to get it, I totally forgot to take the picture myself) was the day we watched the pie episode from season 2!

They kept talking about soggy bottoms on this episode so I was curious. How does one avoid this? I want to be really clear here that Beth doesn’t have a soggy bottom. She makes a perfect pie. Really. But I had no idea this was a thing and that there were tactics to conquer it! So I wanted to try a few things. Plus, this recipe is border-line written like a technical challenge.

How do you slice the peaches? How much butter are we dotting? Are you mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl first? 15-30 minutes on 400 is a huge range! Unlike the technical challenge, our recipe’s author was very helpful. She got us through it.

First, this is how you slice the peaches. This is not how I would have done it. Sean knew and did a lot of this part.

Actually, Sean did a lot. It was funny how I had to come home with this recipe like I would be in charge of making this all happen, but he really did a lot. Wes helped too. And then made lemonade out of our left over lemons.

Beth told us she only used 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup of sugar, and we went with 1/2. Sean stuck a teaspoon of cinnamon in, and I totally forgot the butter. So we did play with the recipe a bit. Then to combat the soggy bottom I did an egg wash on the bottom crust layer before the filling went in and stuck a baking stone into the oven as it preheated and put the pie plate on that. Both were tips I sort of picked up during The Great British Baking Show but confirmed here.

I will also admit that I did not make my own crust this time. I know. I bought one in case my second attempt at the cherry pie crust didn’t work. Since we had it I didn’t want it to go to waste.

Definitely would not have scored very high in the technical challenge with that cracked crust. The bottom crust was also not perfect. It wouldn’t say it was soggy, but it wasn’t the perfect golden firm bottom I’ve seen on the show. I’m still very curious about how to achieve the perfect bottom crust. Anyway, not a bad looking first attempt at this very important pie recipe.

I’m itching to do more baking out of my comfort zone. I want to try macaroons, but also think having some madeleines made for Madeline’s first birthday would be fun. I also have an email with bread baking tips from my Uncle Don. He makes great bread, which he shared with us at Deep Creek. I’m so intimated by yeast.

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