Date night!

I quit Junior League. I can rejoin, but I’m surprised by the decision even though it’s the right one. Volunteering is still important to me, but I want to do it differently than I can with Junior League. So I quit. My decision was last minute. I had already booked a sitter to fill in the gap between the time I needed to leave for a Junior League meeting and the time Sean would come home from work. I couldn’t waste this opportunity! I asked her if she could stay longer and she said yes but she thought she would be coming later than we initially agreed, 6:30 instead of 5:30. Then she showed up at 4:30! There is a point here! The point is we had a semi-spontaneous date night! As spontaneous as it can get around here. I had butterflies on the Uber ride in!

We went to Oyamel, the scene of our 4th date and a restaurant we haven’t been to since. It really holds up! The food was good and we had a great time!

When we went 8 years ago (!!) I was able to convince Sean to get their famed grasshopper tacos. Sean was nice about it then but told me we would not be getting them again. Which was really fine with me. They were a one time thing.

We finished our night with a little walk, a little selfie, and a lot of happy feelings about our semi-spontaneous date!

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