Week 30

Week 30We are 10 weeks away from this baby’s arrival!  I’m excited.  Excited because, yes, I’m ready to meet Baby A and see what he’s like and to officially become a mother.  But also excited because the magic of pregnancy is starting to wear off.  I’m tired, but I don’t look forward to going to bed because I can’t get comfortable.  I have a hard time getting comfortable when I sit on the couch and at work and in certain types of chairs.  I have to be careful of certain foods so I don’t get heartburn/the uncomfortable burning sensation in my throat.  I’m iron deficient now and have to juggle another pill (my prenatals are two separate pills that I can’t take together or I don’t feel well and iron pills cannot be taken with prenatals or with calcium or, depending on who you ask, too close to bed time…).  I feel stretched and am just not sure how this belly could get any bigger.  But it has to because we have about 3-5 more pounds of baby to gain.

I try to remind myself that I’m lucky to be having a baby and that I’m happy for the experience, but it’s becoming easier and easier to complain at this point.  Which makes me feel guilty.  I’d like to spare you 10 more weeks of complain-y posts, so if I end up just posting a picture you’ll know know why.

A Baby Shower for Baby A!

Baby Shower 003 Baby Shower 001 Baby Shower 002 Baby Shower 001

Last weekend my sister and Angie hosted a baby shower for Baby A and me.  It turned out so well.  It was sweet and intimate and lovely.  Maggie and Angie really did a perfect job.

Baby with grandmothers!DSC_0319 DSC_0324 photo 1
My littles!  Maggie is obviously my real little sister and Jess there on the right is my sorority little sister. photo 3 photo-1

I am really appreciative of everyone who came out for my shower.  People are busy yet everyone made the time to come and celebrate with us.  Some people even traveled far especially for the event.  But my friend Ashley was really such a trooper for coming.  Remember her Team Pink shower?  She was determined to come to my shower.  Her due date was August 18th.  She came to my shower on a Saturday and had her baby the Monday (just this past Monday) after around 3 a.m. in the morning!  I can’t even believe that she just made it to my shower.  And I cannot wait to meet her new little one!

DSC_0311 Baby Shower 005 DSC_0315 DSC_0314 DSC_0327

We played some games, had some good food, and Baby A walked away with sets of bibs and onesies lovingly designed by our friends.DSC_0310

Thanks everyone for showering us!

Week 29

Week 29I forgot to take a picture by myself this week, but this sister bump picture will work!

I’ve gotten to the place where there’s no denying that I’m pregnant and people are just fine to mention it.  I’ve had random men on the street shout CONGRATULATIONS and co-workers, ranging from people I’ve never spoken with directly to people I work with frequently, making comments like “oh, when are you due” to “whoa, Baby A is really sticking out there today!”  I’m fine with all of this.  No stranger has asked to touch or forced themselves on my belly and given me unsolicited advice.  There’s still time, but I’m pretty happy about that.

It’s funny how before I got pregnant I would look at pregnant ladies and think they were a little fragile.  By fragile I mean that I acted as though their bellies were made of glass and one wrong move would cause the whole pregnancy to go awry.  Do you need a chair, some water?  Are you going to be okay walking down the street?!  I remember being in the car with my friend Angie at some point in her third trimester with her newest baby and thinking oh my gosh should she be driving?  Should I tell her to pull over so I can drive?  And now that I am pregnant my thoughts have changed completely.  Of course I have to make adjustments and can’t continue with all activities in exactly the same way, but it’s not so fragile a process.  My belly is not made of glass.  I’m really glad I get to have this experience and a perspective change.

Week 28

Week 28Hello third trimester!  There are just 12 more weeks left (assuming we make it the whole way)!  Can you believe it?  At 12 weeks into pregnancy Baby A was just the size of a lime and in just 12 more week he’ll be the size of, well, a baby or the size of a small pumpkin if we’re going to stick with produce.  At 28 weeks he’s an eggplant.  That’s so much growing!

I dropped a tomato on my belly while wearing this outfit.  Luckily I got most of it out.  I always eat with a napkin in my lap but this week I’m reminded that my lap is no longer the first thing food hits when it falls.  Napkins on your belly feels like a weird new rule.

In other news this week I’m very aware of the fact that Baby A has body parts. In addition to kicking and there’s the pressing of arms and legs or his back or I don’t know what against my belly.  He’s also discovered my ribs.  One night this week I tried to bend forward only to realize that oh there’s a baby body part there and that really got in the way of my bending.

Cloth Diapering and Baby Food in Pittsburgh

Guess what?!  My sister Maggie is pregnant!  She’s about 11 weeks behind me and her baby is due in December!  It’s fun that my sister and I are pregnant at the same time.  Maggie and I have cousins right around our ages and I’m glad Baby A and Baby M will have the same experience.  This past weekend I went to visit Maggie in Pittsburgh so that we could do all kinds of pregnancy things together.

I didn’t get a sister picture.  She doesn’t have a bump yet anyway so we can’t have a bump off.  But here’s an adorable picture of her about to have some pizza!  Was pizza a treat in your house?  It was in ours.  Friday nights when we could have soda (!!) without having a glass of milk first.  Maybe that’s why Maggie and I are pizza obsessed even now.

photo 1

When Maggie was visiting over Memorial Day Weekend she mentioned she was considering cloth diapering and making her own baby food.  She knew of a company that held cloth diaper orientations in Pittsburgh.  Sean and I had talked about cloth diapering a little bit before Maggie mentioned it, so when she brought it up I decided it would be fun to attend the orientation with her and find out more about it.

photo 2

There are a lot of cloth diaper options, do you know?  Prefold, fitted, all-in-ones, two-in-ones, pocket.  Going into the orientation we both had vague ideas about our options and our preferred approaches to cloth diapering.  Some of that was confirmed but there was plenty of information we weren’t expecting to receive.  Turns out it’s not just about the diapers but also about how you prepare your washer and dryer, the types of detergents you use, the types of diaper creams you use, and probably other things I’m forgetting.

Maggie and I are very different in some ways, but there’s no denying that we’re sisters.  We processed this information in exactly the same way.
Before the orientation: Yay cloth diapers!  We know what we’re doing!
During the orientation: Wait, all this new information, what?  No.  No.  No.  No.
The next day: Well, you know, we could probably make this work for ourselves.  Maybe.

This decision is a bigger struggle than I want it to be.  Most of it is because I like the idea of doing this with my sister, even though we won’t really be doing it together at all.  Plus, mother earth…which is odd because I don’t even recycle.

But I am 100% on board with making my own baby food!  We’ll have to be careful because we love salt and seasoning, but I love the idea of taking leftovers of our regular food (or setting aside aspects of the meal beforehand) and blending it up so that Baby A can eat what we eat and get used to our style of cooking from the beginning!

Regardless of what each of us decides about these baby items, it was really fun to share the experience with my sister and to talk through these options with her.  Plus she was a really great, flexible hostess and it was really wonderful to spend time with her even when we weren’t talking about baby stuff.  We were both husband-less this weekend and there was something really nice about being just us sisters.

This is a very word-heavy post.  If you’ve stuck with me this far your reward are some pictures of Maggie’s cat, Ace, who has a big personality.photoThis is not an action shot.  This is the way Ace suns himself.  He’s the best cat.

photo 5He likes to be involved in everything, include dinner prep.

photo 4He’s so fat and cuddly!  Even if he’s not anywhere near you, as soon as you sit down Ace sense it, comes running, and finds a place for himself on your lap.


Week 27

Week 27I am fascinated by my belly button.  I was a pretty extreme innie before I got pregnant.  I never measured but it was pretty deep and just a slit.  The two sides almost touched.  Now, I’m so close to being an outie!  I wish I had thought to take a picture to compare the difference between then and now.  Sean jokes with me that if he knew I would become an outie he never would have married me.  A deal breaker!  We find this pretty funny.  Isn’t it interesting what other couples find funny?

Throughout this whole pregnancy I’ve at least been conscious of the fact I’ve had a dream the night before.  I don’t always remember the details, but being aware of dreaming is new for me.  Before I only knew I had a dream maybe twice a year.  The recent dreams I remember involve me being allergic to Mexican Coke which caused me to black out yet still consume tons of alcohol but no water (the doctor in my dream yelled at me that I was failing at water consumption) and trying to get to a relative’s house for Christmas via a 2 hour flight only to find out once I landed that they had moved to Maryland and were only a 30 minute drive from my house!  I find these amusing when I wake up.  And a little odd, too.  I don’t feel overly anxious when I’m awake, but I think the anxiety theme of these dreams is hard to deny.

Week 26

Week 26I don’t have the strong nesting pull that I read happens to some pregnant ladies. So it’s a little odd that I made the decision to take a week long staycation for just that reason.  Well, I guess I also took the staycation so I had a week to be on my own schedule.  To sleep in until I wanted, to read a book without being interrupted, to take a shower for as long as I wanted, and to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.  At Ashley’s shower a friend who recently had a baby talked about how getting as much done in the second trimester while energy levels were up was a good idea.  She was talking about the nursery, but I thought this was some of the best advice I’d received and decided I would take it.  Even though I wasn’t super enthusiastic about forcing myself to nest and tackling my basement (again…this is my third or fourth attempt to figure out how to organize that space), that’s exactly where I found myself last week.  I also found myself looking at some high school and college photos of me and thinking how weird that person in those pictures will someday seem to Baby A.  “Mom, you had a life before me and how is it even possible that you were ever that young?  That can’t be you.”  Because I did that to my mom.

Anyway, I can’t tell you that my basement is in that much better shape than it was before but it was the best of all my attempts for improvement.  So I’m still calling that a victory.  What I can tell you that I really enjoyed myself.  The week ended up being a happy balance of doing things for myself (like listening to The Goldfinch and working on scrap books), for Baby A (like finding a place for his bottles and other necessities in our kitchen and reading books about how to take care of him when he arrives), and for Sean (like doing his laundry…which doesn’t seem like much but I’m not in charge of Sean’s laundry normally PLUS I folded it and that is my most hated chore).  At first I felt really guilty about taking the time off of work, but in the end it was a great decision.

“I just really need some Fluff…and some chocolate.”

Last night I was beside myself.  I needed something sweet and it had to involve marshmallow.  “I feel like an addict,” I told Sean.  “I don’t know what to do but I just really need some Fluff…and some chocolate.  Like a s’more.”  I had just come from the kitchen where I had been pacing and wondering how I was going to get myself out of this because we did not have anything s’more like in our house.  “Could this be a craving, Favorite?” he asked with a smile.  “Oh my gosh, I think it might be.”  I thought about it.  “But I’m going to be fine.”  Trying to convince myself more than anyone else.  Because I really needed some marshmallow.

A short while later Sean goes to the bathroom and asks me to look for an episode of Modern Family we haven’t seen yet.  We love Modern Family but hadn’t seen an episode in awhile, so I was happy with the idea.  I look up from the TV and see flip flopped feet running down the stairs.  Seriously, the speed with which Sean came down those stairs towards the front door!  He was too quick for me.  After a minute or two of trying to process what was happening, I had enough time to stand up and tell him that he didn’t need to go to the store but not enough time to actually grab an arm or do something else to stop him.  He was out the door and laughing, gleefully, that he had made it and was on his way.

Sean came back with all the ingredients to make s’mores, including Fluff and marshmallows, and was so happy about it.

photo 1

When he went to reach for the Fluff at the store a couple younger than us was watching.  The woman whispered “disgusting” and “so low brow” was the response back from her boyfriend.  Sean turns to them and he says “just wait until you get her pregnant and she has a craving!”  They were either not in a relationship or very new because Sean’s comment made them both visibly uneasy.  But, really, if you’re going to judge someone’s food purchases at least wait until they are out of ear shot.  Low brow or not, I totally ate a spoonful of that Fluff on it’s own.  Sean gave me a look of “really?”  but it was perfect and wonderful.

Then Sean made s’mores.

photo 2 photo 3

They were even more perfect and wonderful and I crushed my share resulting in chocolate all over my face.  Which Sean helped me clean up.  Almost a year ago Sean sent me a funny and sweet article about the author’s many quests to find the right foods to satisfy his pregnant wife’s cravings and his happiness to play this role.  Sean didn’t remember this article, but last night we was exactly like this guy.  More than happy to hunt down the perfect food combination for Baby A and me.  It was incredibly sweet, and I am very lucky.

Week 25

Week 25

Last week was so much better!  Such a big difference and such a relief.  And that is about as exciting as the update gets for last week.  More of the same: a growing belly and baby kicks.  My doctor warned me a few weeks ago that I could start experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions at this point, but I don’t think I’ve had any yet.  The author of one of my favorite pregnancy calendars wrote about her experiences with Braxton Hicks contractions for her week 25 update.  I know everyone is different and I shouldn’t do this, but I’m waiting for something mildly painful as she experienced.  While I honestly didn’t think it was possible for me to drink any more water, I’m trying to increase my intake based on her experience that dehydration makes these contractions worse.  I spend a lot of time in bathrooms lately.

Week 24

There’s no picture for week 24.  It’s fitting because last week wasn’t the best.  It wasn’t awful.  Just not great.  If there were a way to hit a pause button on pregnancy, I would have really loved that last week.  I think I had my first bout of acid reflux or heart burn or something on Tuesday.  I’ve never had heart burn/acid reflux before so I’m not familiar with the feeling.  I shared this with a few ladies in my prenatal yoga class who know exactly what I was talking about.  While it doesn’t help it go away, it’s nice to know that I’m not alone.  I felt uncomfortably large most of the week.  Of course in my belly but really all over.  I felt uncomfortably full after eating what I consider a normal meal.  Sometimes even small meals or snacks made me uncomfortably full.  If not uncomfortable then my stomach was upset.  And while baby kicks continue to be completely delightful and my favorite part of all to this, an unhappy stomach and something moving around in it do not make for the best combination.  I never thought I’d see the day I would be in a love/hate relationship with baby kicks, but there’s where I found myself last week.  And I was tired.  This one I attribute to a little bit of a jet lag and a little bit of overbooking ourselves for the week after coming back from a trip like that.  Whatever the reason, I was cranky last week (can you tell?).  I’m still happy to be pregnant, but not every week can be a great week.