While pasta and cupcakes at home on Sean’s actual birthday were lovely, Saturday was the big birthday night out.  We finally made it to minibar by José Andrés to celebrate!  minibar is hard to get into.  This was our third attempt.  Sean tried first for our first dating anniversary and I tried another time for maybe his birthday but can’t really remember.  Those other two times the restaurant had only six seats and you had to call at exactly 10:00 a.m. exactly one month out from your preferred date.  They’ve changed the format a bit and have more than six seats now.  But with Favorite’s birthday I didn’t want to take any chances so to play it safe I set my alarm for 12:00 midnight on July 1 (the day their fall calendar opens) to send the email requesting a spot.  No regrests because we got in!




photo 7

We liked some things better than others but overall had a great meal.  It looks like a lot of food but it was small bites so we weren’t terribly full after.  Just the right amount of full.

It was completely random, but we ended up at the same seating as a couple that work with Sean.  The guy was actually in our wedding.  As it’s name suggests, you sit at a bar at minibar.  Each seating has six people and the space holds 12 people at a time.  We would have ended up next to someone anyway, and it was really nice that it ended up being people we knew.  Sometimes a meal is really enhanced when you can chat about all the flavors.

photo 9

Sean doesn’t love his birthday, but I think this one ended up being a good one.

Cupcakes for everyone!

Sean did end up with a small something with a candle.  There’s a Sprinkles Cupcakes in Georgetown near my office.  I’ve never been before and when I saw that they have a maple bacon flavor on special until the 15th I knew it was perfect!  Sean loves bacon so it had to be done.


Photo credit

Plus!  They have doggie cupcakes!  I was so excited that Aiden could celebrate Sean’s birthday with a sweet treat too!

photo 4

photo 5photo 6

Isn’t it so fun that we both had pig decorations on our birthday cupcakes this year?

photo 7photo 8

It’s also fun that we traveled to the West Coast for my birthday in June and we’ll be traveling back there next weekend.  It’s for a work conference for Sean and not really his birthday, but still fun.  I love the parallels!

photo 9

I was a little worried Aiden might not like his cupcake, but he made quick work of it.

Sprinkles is the original cupcakery and being the original I was excited to try one of their cupcakes.  Sean’s was perfect.  The maple flavor was really there but not overpowering and well-balanced with the salty bacon.  My cupcake was chocolate cake with vanilla frosting (my favorite because it’s my mom’s favorite).  It was too sweet for me, which is really saying something because I have quite the sweet tooth.  Georgetown Cupcake is still my absolute favorite.  Plus, that pig on Sean’s was not really edible.  You can always eat the decorations on a Georgetown Cupcake cupcake.

I got so caught up with getting these cupcakes that I totally forgot I was in charge of getting mozzarella for our dinner salad.  Sean picked a whole bunch of beautiful tomatoes from our (his…I have nothing to do with it really) plant out back.  I was initially really bummed that I forgot, but the tomatoes turned out to be so good on their own.  We snacked on most and then threw the rest in with our spaghetti and meatballs.

photo 2

photo 3

We finished out Sean’s birthday evening by watching The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  That movie is not my favorite but Sean laughed, quoted, and moved his lips to the words the whole time.  It’s hard to deny someone one of their favorite things on their birthday.

Cheers to 30 Years!

Yesterday was my 30th birthday, and I feel great! Sean turned 30 shortly after we started dating and he wasn’t thrilled. I was 27 then and kept telling him it would be a great decade and he should be so excited. As I’ve inched closer to 30 myself there have been days when I have no longer felt 30 would be as exciting a decade as I believed at 27. Some days it feels much too old. But during the months leading up to my day and now that it’s happened I’m delighted. I’m enjoying being older. That may go away at some point but for now I like it.

To mark the day some of my favorite ladies and I brunched on the Georgetown waterfront.Birthday 017

With the exception of the lady on the far left, I’ve known these ladies for 10 years (well, my sister a lifetime)!  I only keep in touch with one person from high school and no one beyond that, so having friends for 10 years is a long time for me.

Birthday 014

Ashley made these lovely center pieces.  They should have been favors too but we completely forgot about them!

Birthday 001

Since about 8th grade pigs have been one of my favorite animals, so I was really excited about the pig sprinkle on my cupcake.  My cupcake took a tumble on our way out, but Maggie saved the pig sprinkle!  It now lives on a lime in our kitchen.

pig lim

Maggie made the trip down all the way from Pittsburgh! What a sister! Things are better when Maggie’s around. I wish she lived closer.

Maggie & Aiden

Unfortunately Aiden looks a little nervous here, but he actually seemed to remember Maggie.  He went right up to her shortly after she arrived!

Maggie came on Saturday.  Sean made a delicious dinner for us and then we walked to downtown Shirlington for frozen yogurt at Yogiberry.  It was a little hot, but a really nice walk.  We tried to show Maggie the biggest hills we could find in Shirlington.  It turns out Shirlington’s got nothing on Pittsburgh.

I also volunteered with Junior League this weekend. One of my final requirements as a new member was to volunteer at DC Public School’s summer reading program kick-off event.

JLW ladies

JLW table

The 2012-2013 year was the Junior League of Washington’s centennial.  To mark the occassion our goal was to distribute 100,000 books to area children.  This event helped meet this goal. It’s amazing how excited children get when you give them their very own book.

Despite all of the weekend’s activities, the celebration’s not over! It’s really just beginning with our vacation in a few days! I can’t wait!

A Weekend of Celebrations!

So many members of Sean’s family were in town this past weekend to celebrate his cousin’s wedding! Lucky us that it was also Mother’s Day weekend and we celebrated with his mom, and close enough to his sister Allison’s birthday that we could give her a present. So much to celebrate in just one weekend!

Gifts and invitations galore!

birthday Allison
I’d like to think Allison looks just as delighted to receive and wear her birthday glasses as I was to give them to her!

I think the highlight for me was getting to dance so much with Sean, Allison, and Mike. Allison and Mike were willing to dance any time I called them to the floor and even did the Sarah dance with Sean and me during Crazy in Love. Dancing the Sarah dance to Crazy In Love at a wedding is just one of my most favorite things. I wish we had some pictures of us dancing. We were totally the best ones on the floor.

Actually, maybe just picking one highlight is difficult. I also love how Mike finds cheese in any situation, how we were all so excited to get to the crab dip at Aunt Kate’s house for the post-wedding brunch, how Sean flashed my favorite smiled of his a few times (where the lips just curl up slightly), that we got to talk wedding with Allison (she and Mike are next in June 2014!) and that Beth and I realized we were on the same page as Allison about themes and ideas the whole time (!), and just generally being together.

Jenny & Kurt's Wedding 003
We’re a good looking group. I’m already looking forward to our next get together.