Sprinkling with Love

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Angie, is having her second baby in December.  We’re in a sort of book club together and our sort of book club hosted a Sprinkle for her and new baby Robinson on Saturday.  (It’s a sort of book club because although we had the best of intentions of being a real book club that reads and discusses books, we only half read the books and talk about babies, Sigma Kappa (the majority of us were in Sigma Kappa together and many continue to volunteer on the Advisory Board), teaching (the majority of members are teachers), and whatever other miscellaneous gossip we can find.  It’s pretty fantastic, actually, and I don’t miss the book discussion with this group at all.)

photo 2

Angie’s been craving pizza, cupcakes, chicken wings and fried pickles, and because we aim to please that’s just what we served up!

photo 4

photo 3

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It was such a fun day and really nice to spend it with these ladies.

And although this event was really about Robinson, let’s talk about Angie’s first son Reed for a minute.  What a fantastic kid.  Several weekends ago I went to visit Angie and Reed.  Reed is the only baby I’ve spent any time with as an adult.  I’ve seen Angie several times this year, but this was the first time I’ve seen Reed since his second birthday in January.  And even though I haven’t seen him since January, when I came for my visit he was all about me.  He talks now and that’s so much fun.  He wanted me to pick him up and to play with him.  He made me food in his toy microwave and after we pretended to eat it he put it into his truck.  Why?  I don’t know, but isn’t that part of the fun and the wonder of children?  (And if you mentioned this to him he didn’t even blink.  Of course the food went into the truck after you pretend eat it.)  He was funny and smiling and answering questions and talking nonsense and it was awesome.  I know not every day is this great for Angie.  I know he melts down and cries and it’s difficult.  But I totally got how a good day, or even just a good moment, can make up for the bad days and bad moments.  It’s pretty amazing that the itty bitty baby from three years ago can now say my name and enjoy toy milk and cookies with me fresh from his microwave.  I wasn’t sure how hanging out with Reed would go now that he’s more of a person.  To me, it was so much better than when he was a baby and I was a surprised I felt that way.photo 3It was cute that he lined up his toys before joining them on his couch.  But, children’s shows are so bizarre, huh?  This one featured an animated background and mostly animated figures except for a man dressed as a giant dog.  Why?photo 4

Reed was really interested in my necklace, I think for two reasons.  First, just the fact that it was a necklace.  Second, because it has a “A” on it.  Reed is very into the alphabet.  We talked about what sound A makes, what words start with A, etc.

When baby Robinson arrives Angie’s going to recruit us, her friends, to hang out with Reed on weekends so she can focus on her new little one.  I can not wait to sign up for a shift!

Week in Review

Things happened this week but everything is too small for its own post, so I’m going to review the highlights. In the future my approach may change. Maybe the small things that happen within the week aren’t worth any acknowledgement on the blog. I mean, I have no pictures. Is a post worth it without pictures? I guess we’ll find out.

First, we are so excited about this!

Sean and I had a team building moment on Wednesday: fly killing. A fly was waiting for us in our room when we went to bed on Wednesday. Sean was not pleased. I tried to tell him to find a swatter of some sort and we’d wait for it to have four legs on a surface instead of all six (they can’t take off with only four so they’re easier to kill! It works! Thanks, Mom!). Sean had no patience for that. Somehow he swooped the fly into the bathroom and shut the two of them inside. I’m not sure of his initial plan. The window in the bathroom is broken so he wouldn’t have been able to open it and let the fly out. There was some banging around inside and finally I suggested he find my hair spray and spray it to death. There was some trouble finding the hair spray (I don’t how to effectively explain how easy it is to find the hair spray…I guess we’ll just leave it at that), but once found success! It took a little more spray than anticipated and our rug’s a little sticky now, but success!

Last night I went to a session through Junior League for expecting parents. I’m not expecting, but it’s not too far off.  It was a little overwhelming. And it didn’t help that someone posted this on Facebook this morning. Maybe this little happening could be a post on its own, but I haven’t been able to collect all my thoughts yet. At least the session leader put together an excellent resource manual. I’ve been blindly Googling things lately and this will help.  It’s also already made me a fan of Pregnant Chicken. Until I’ve fully collected my thoughts, I’m taking a small break from researching pregnancy and newborns and will instead delight in how blissful motherhood seems for this woman.  And how funny it is for this one.