Our 2017 Family Video

I love this app and video so much! What a great, easy way to record the happy highlights of the year.  I’m so glad I started to use the app and am already happy with how our 2018 video is coming along.  The logo displays at the end, but I used the 1SE to make this.  It’s completely free!

Hope your 2018 is off to a great start!

What we’ve been up to with the 1SE app

I’m so glad I found out about the 1SE (1 Second Everyday) app through bloggers and friends.  It is so fun!  I only wish I remembered to start using it sooner.  Basically, you choose a 1 second video clip for everyday and the app makes a video for you.  Easy and so fun!  Even though I knew this video would revolve around Wes, I initially intended to video projects we were working on and more date nights.  Some of that still made it in.  Since I was tired and sick often for the first part of this year, there’s a lot of Wes.  When I forgot to make a video of something non-Wes related (or if I had just taken a nap and not really done something non-Wes related) by the end of the day he was the default.  We’ll see how the rest of the year goes.  Maybe I’ll start to record more of my projects or Sean’s projects or more Sean and me things.  I’m sure it will still be majority Wes, though.  Anyway, instead of a compilation of pictures to catch you up, here’s our video through Easter Sunday.

Happy Birthday, Favorite!


Happy birthday, Sean!  We love you!  We appreciate your example and your patience and your cooking and your love.  And I think I say this every time I write something about you but it it’s always true, thanks for working so hard for us.


We love you no matter what we call you and the volume with which we use to say it.


A Bike Ride in Burgundy

Sean and I were on vacation earlier this month.  We went to France from August 5-14.  It was fantastic!  It was so nice to spend the time together!  Thank you, Grandparents!  We primarily rode bikes through Burgundy with a company called Backroads.  We learned lots about Burgundy wine and rode through beautiful scenes and towns.  We also spent two days in Paris before coming home.  With any luck, I’ll collect my thoughts and my pictures on it all soon.  But in the meantime, here’s a video of our bike trip!

The Blizzard of 2016

I don’t really love snow.  My perfect snowfall is the one that looks pretty but then melts immediately or at least by the end of the day.  That being said, it was fun to watch Wes figure out snow.  And there’s still plenty of figuring to be done.  He likes it better and better with each day.  Here’s a little video of our time in the snow (and make sure you watch until the end because there’s a special feature after the credits):

And a few photos too:

IMG_5068IMG_5013IMG_5078Sean was so excited about the snow, so it was fun to see him interact with Wes over the snow.


I helped Wes make a snow angel!


Do you love this enormous pile of snow the plow put right in front of our driveway?  It might be hard to tell, but this pile is taller than Sean.  But, many of our neighbors also noticed and came together to help us out.  We didn’t have to ask, they just came with their shovels and multiple snow blowers.  I think we’d still be digging out if it weren’t for our neighbors, so I’m incredibly grateful for all of them.

IMG_5097Just amazing.


Sean made Wes a giant snow ball and after that he was obsessed with snowballs.



Wes’s 2015 Year In Review

One of my favorite resources for activities is Hands On As We Grow, and a newsletter she sent earlier this month suggested doing a little interview with your child about their year.  Now, I’m pretty sure she meant to interview your fully speaking child, but I thought it would be fun to interview Wes.  I did my best to answer for him and he did his best just being Wes.

Hopefully I can keep up with this.  It will be so fun to see how things change over the years.  If I can remember, I wish I had asked Wes about his favorite book.  He loves books and this year I think his favorite was “Where’s Spot?”  He’s moved passed flip the flap books a little at this point, but oh man that was a really favorite in 2015.


Pre-Christmas Activities

One last Christmas post about two activities leading up to Christmas.  First, we took a trip to see the trains at the National Botanical Gardens.  This was so fun!  It was beautiful and Wes loved it!


Everything, including the Capitol Building and the Supreme Court were made out of plants!  Isn’t that amazing!  This will be something we do every year in December.  I’m so happy it turned out to be as fun an activity as I wanted.  We also saw Santa this year, but I’m not going to share that picture because it didn’t go well.  At the advice of my mom, it’s something that I’ll only share with Wes once he has a small child that also reacts poorly to Santa.  So this year we had Christmas activities two of the four weekends leading up to the holiday.  Next year I’d really like to figure out family activities for all weekends in December.  I’m thinking we’ll add a family dinner in Old Town Alexandria with a stroll to see the lights afterward.  Hopefully by next year I’ll come up with a fourth activity.  Something festive but not over the top.

Anyway, our last activity was a Christmas celebration at our house the weekend before we headed to Missouri.  It was so fun to be Santa!  Santa’s main priority this year was to help make sure Wes stays warm in the snow this winter.  But if you asked Wes, he’d say Santa’s priority was to give him a ball.  Here’s a little video of Wes and his Christmas.  The last time I made a video was when Wes was 2 months old.  As with that video, this video below is maybe only a video a mother could love.  But it makes me happy and it’s really quite amazing to compare 2-month-old Wes to 15-month-old Wes!


Wesley at 2 Months

I decided to create a video to mark Wes’s 2 month birthday.  It was a little ambitious but worth it.  I like the video (and I will warn you that this may be a video that only a parent could love but I spent more time on it than anticipated so here it is), but I really enjoyed noticing how he already interacts so differently with the world.  Babies grow so fast!

Initially I thought I’d set this to music to spare you my baby voice, Aiden’s whining, and the hum of a silent house, but then you’d miss all of his talking which has been one of the best parts of 2 months.  Even though he doesn’t make many of these squirrel noises anymore.