The Art of the Christmas Sugar Cookie…Missouri Style

Christmas 2013 066As I mentioned in the Christmas in Missouri post, sugar cookies are a tradition within a tradition.  The first tradition being that cookies are served as snacks in general throughout Christmas but most importantly as part of the snack spread before mass on Christmas Eve.  Then the decorating of the cookies to get them ready for the snack spread is its own thing.  I wish I had captured Allison’s explanation from the beginning.


I love Sean’s dad saying “it’s amazing” after being told I was outlining the cookies in a different color.  It’s funny.  I was still getting my feet wet with the process and could only think about how my mom outlines the cookies in white and then colors the insides.  I had a hard time letting go of that even though my mom doesn’t use the star tip.  It’s a different method entirely.Christmas 2013 050We ended up with a very cheery color palette.  I wouldn’t call this super bright though. Christmas 2013 052I had no idea this is the proper way to put a tip on the end of a bag!Christmas 2013 055Christmas 2013 054The classic way to fill a bag in this household is with a cup.  I used this method too and it was nice and easy.Christmas 2013 053But Shelley’s pretty fancy and can do it freehand.Christmas 2013 064Allison’s the best at mustaches, eyebrows, and leaves.  I mean, isn’t that the cutest mustache?!Christmas 2013 070Christmas 2013 068Beautiful!  And fun!

Thanksgiving Videos

I went into our trip to Oregon with the idea that I would make a video similar to our San Francisco video, but when I looked at my videos they were all wine swishing in glasses and food and mountains and feet walking in leaves, etc.  The material for something interesting just wasn’t there and luckily I’d also taken pictures (something I didn’t do in San Francisco) because pictures told the better story for our Oregon trip.

That being said, there are two from Thanksgiving that I really enjoy and wanted to share/remember/not lose track of.  I had forgotten about them until I was scrolling through my phone the other night.

Here we have Sean grating cheese into his green bean casserole mix and giving me a fantastic eyebrow raise.  Also, please note my mom’s comment in the background.

My parents are trying to figure something out, could you tell?  Shortly after moving to Eugene my mom started to get invited to all of these Pampered Chef parties.  Among her purchases was a cheese grater.  It’s lovely.  Folds in half to save space and works like a charm…if you can remember how to unfold it, of course.  This took us awhile, and we all took turns trying to figure it out.  We decide to give Sean an old grater so he could keep making progress on his dish while my parents continued to work on Mom’s new grater.  She finally pulls out the instructions….

And my dad finally figures it out before looking at them!  We’re surprised and delighted because you won’t think a cheese grater would be so difficult.  Way to go, Dad!

These make me laugh.  Hope your Christmas is filled with silly moments just like these with family, friends, or whoever you’re with celebrating.  These little, silly moments are kind of the best, aren’t they?

The Daring Young Woman on the Flying Trapeze

On Saturday I was invited to a bachelorette party that included a day time activty of trapeze!  It was so much fun!

I was a little worried going into it, but when am I not?  Since meeting Sean I have sky dived, repelled off of cliffs, and white water rafted.  Things I never thought I’d do and things I was nervous about doing beforehand but ended up being so happy I didn’t let my fear stand in the way.  I decided that despite my nerves if I could survive jumping out of an airplane I could handle the trapeze.  Although the whole experience did make my heart flutter.

For me, one of the worst parts of activities like this is the small amount of instruction.  There was a brief lesson before our first turn and more brief instructions as we progressed.  Our bachelorette went first, which was a big help to me.  I needed to watch someone else go through the motions in the air.  I was actually told by the instructors that I was overthinking it on the ground and I needed to turn off my brain to be successful in the air.

Meredith's Bachelorette 014

Meredith's Bachelorette 015

Meredith's Bachelorette 016

I did end up successful.  The goal of the lesson was to get everyone to the point where they could be caught by one of the instructors swinging on another bar.  Once we were ready they marked us with chalk war paint.

Meredith's Bachelorette 021

I had two turns where I was caught by the instructor, and luckily someone was able to capture one of my turns on film.

Oh, it was so great!  While we were there I told everyone I didn’t think I’d be able to convince Sean to do it with me.  Even before I showed him this video he said he’d be on board.  So we might be back to do it together.  I seriously loved it.  I would almost consider making a hobby out of it I loved it so much.

San Francisco! & A Film

Since it was just a few months ago that I used pictures to share our time in San Francisco, I thought I’d take a different approach for this month’s trip.  Here’s a little film for you (with music for anyone at work):

We had a really nice time in San Francisco this past weekend.  Really nice.  Even though Sean was there to attend and be part of a conference it was still so nice.  I think it helped that Sean was very successful in his speaking roles, and, honestly, that we went off itinerary and had a very slow-paced time.  We were supposed to see the Fortune Cookie Factory, the Cable Car Museum, the Exploratorium, Lombard Street, and the Japanese Tea Garden together.  We ended up seeing race 12 of the America’s Cup, visiting Lombard Street very briefly, and, because of some unexpected rain, playing Words with Friends over wine in the Ferry Building.   So definitely a much different trip than planned.

Some of the highlights from this film:

  • Watching America’s Cup the first day (recap here)
  • Snacking on cheddar bacon chive popcorn in our hotel’s bar (so many of Sean’s favorite things in one snack!)
  • Sean being able to sneak away from his conference to have lunch with me on Friday.  He looks so snazzy in his suit! Let’s also talk about the pizza he ordered.  Summer vegetable compote of peppers, eggplant, tomato, and zucchini topped with capers, squash blossoms, and burrata.  Yes, HE, my husband, Sean, the man whose typical order from Dominos includes three different kinds of meat, three different kinds of cheese, olives, tomatoes, onion, the whole kitchen sink, ordered this pizza.  On his own.  Turned out to be completely delicious and he ate almost all of it.  He won’t go so far to say it was the best pizza of his life, but it was up there and he was very happy
  • Me taking a tour of Alcatraz Friday afternoon.  I love history and stories and thought this was one of the best things to do in San Francisco (as long as you take advantage of the cell block audio tour), but wish I had taken the website’s advance and alloted more time
  • At the recommendation of our waitress on Friday, finding a great speakeasy/jazz club to end our night
  • Playing Words with Friends in the Ferry Building during the unexpected down pour Saturday morning
  • Lunching at The Slanted Door on Saturday

Enjoy and happy Friday!