A Birthday Celebration for Sean

A few weeks ago, birthday season officially opened in the A Team Household! Everyone but me has a birthday between September and October. Sean kicked this season off for us.  He doesn’t really love his birthday, but at least he loves a date and, luckily, that’s mostly what a Sean birthday celebration involves.

We celebrated his birthday with a dinner at Pineapple and Pearls, and we were so excited for this date!  We haven’t had a tasting menu dinner in DC in a long time. Two years, we decided, for Sean’s birthday two years ago. (I didn’t do a whole post on that dinner or what we did last year for his birthday, but it is fun to follow the links and read about Wes on Sean’s last two birthday posts.) I’m so relieved this date even happened!  Our babysitter was 30 minutes late. Sometimes you do everything you can, confirm in advance, call and text to make sure your babysitter is still on her way, and she’s still late!

We sat at the bar looking into the kitchen. It was truly amazing to watch how perfectly that kitchen runs and so fun to get a sneak peek at our upcoming courses. We learned some things as we ate. For example, the beef on top of that last dish comes with birth certificates! The mother and father are named and there’s a nose stamp.

We learned that, at least for Turbot, the fin meat is the best. A bone marrow equivalent in fish. This was our most favorite dish of the night.

A Daiquiri made with liquid nitrogen!

Truffle ice cream with lots of interesting toppings, including gummy bears and caviar!

This dessert reminded me of the Great British Baking episode we’d see only the night before.

It was a great celebration! Happy birthday, Sean!!