51 weeks

51 weeks

Madeline is walking!  She’s so happy and I’m so happy.  I love watching just the top of her head pass by from behind a table.  I know there’s more to manage when babies start to walk, but I love that she’s gotten here.  It’s nice that she can get places on her own and she’s not just needed to be plopped from one place to the next.  We went to a playground, just us, for the first time.  It was appropriately sized.  She loved climbing around now that she can walk!  It’s so fun!

50 weeks

50 weeks

Madeline has little patience for you if you get her request wrong.  Most often she’s requesting to be held, at least right now.  I think I remember this phase with Wes.  Where I worried he’d be ruined if I continued to hold him, but at the same time there really is something lovely about a baby requesting to be held by you.  I probably have more tolerance for holding her since I have a better understanding of how short the time frame is for this request.  She’s very determined, Miss Madeline, in this and most things.  I wonder how this will play out in the immediate future.  No, I worry how that will play out in the immediate future.  But I also am curious how her determination will serve her in the long run.

49 weeks

49 weeks.jpg

Wes started school last Wednesday, and Madeline had her first no brother playgroup on Friday. It was so fun to watch her just be Madeline! She got right into the action. She examined other babies, got herself into the lap on other mothers, and confidently explore the space, and did not let anything block her view of the whole scene. I loved having the opportunity seeing Madeline be just herself without a big brother to knock her down or influence her play. I’m so excited to spend more one on one time with her this school year.

She’s also dropped to one nap a day. Which is a little tricky on school days, but awesome. I’m so happy to be down to just one nap a day. Something I never would have said when I was the mother of just one child. We can do so much more with our mornings now!

48 weeks

48 weeks.jpg

It’s such a good time with Madeline now. She’s still little but we are definitely getting out of the baby phase and I’m so happy about it. She’s getting smarter and happier and sweeter. I can’t wait for those open mouth kisses. I think those come soon. Sean thinks open mouth baby kisses are kind of gross, but they are my favorite!

47 weeks

47 weeksMadeline is starting to stand on her own! It’s so very exciting! I’ve been so excited for walking to start and we are getting so close! Here’s a quick video our neighbor took. I love love that she is also clapping for herself when she’s done. She does that even if no one else is clapping. Love that self encouragement.


46 Weeks

46 weeks.jpgMadeline is waving all the time and I love it.  I also love how we’ll be in a store and she sees a stranger and wants to wave or smile so she’ll coo to get that person’s attention.  So often they don’t look at her.  I vaguely remember this with Wes.  This love for my friendly child and this conflict that the entire world isn’t stopping what they are doing to appreciate this 10 month old trying to greet them.

Madeline also has a group of “girlfriends,” stuffed animals that are girls.  She screeches with delight when she sees them and gives them a great big hug.  It’s so cute!

45 weeks

45 weeks

We have been in Deep Creek, Maryland with my parents and some aunts and uncles for Madeline’s 45th week.  She has been so smiley and flirty (and a little bit clingy), and it’s so fun to watch!  It’s kind of how she is with Sean but just all the time here.  Well, mostly with my aunt Ginger, but much more smiley overall.

I have this idea, I think from her earliest days, that Madeline is not as flexible of a baby as Wes. And while I know she isn’t flexible enough to nap on the go (which really is okay with me), she has been great on this trip! I’m glad I can correct my thinking about her lack of flexibility.

44 weeks

44 weeks.jpg

Madeline has no patience for non-interactive books.  She wants “Dear Zoo,” “Pat the Bunny,” and “Peek-a-Who?”  If the book doesn’t not have some kind of flap she’s rushing through the pages.  Can we get to the fun stuff already?  Wait, there’s no fun stuff, why are we reading this?!  I’m still trying to sneak in non-interactive books when I can, but it’s definitely not her favorite.

The struggle is real trying to figure out how to get Wes to play nicely with Madeline.  I wonder if she’s keeping a tally in her head of all the pushes and pinches and will come back for her revenge as soon as she can figure out how.  I know this won’t change, but I’m a little surprised by how early it’s started that they’ll play with each other and mostly nicely and then all of a sudden it’s such a crisis!  I had a friend tell me her son and daughter with a similar age difference don’t fight…do you think that was really true?

43 weeks

43 weeks

Madeline is starting to wave!  It’s so cute!  And she’s a total daddy’s girl right now.  She mostly waves for Sean.  She lights right up when he walks into the room.  I was talking to him on the phone one day this week.  It wasn’t on speaker, but Madeline could hear enough of Sean’s voice at one point and she got so excited!  It’s very sweet.

42 Weeks

42 weeks.jpg

Madeline can climb the stairs! We didn’t like our old baby gate and this week we were without a gate as we waited for the new one.   There was a time or two this past week when I was doing something in the kitchen and I thought I knew where all the children were but then it would get quiet and there was Madeline on stair two!  The gate’s in now.  Don’t worry.

Can you believe there are only 10 of these left?!