41 Weeks

Madeline says boo! When we pull out the peekaboo type books – Dear Zoo, Pat the Bunny, and other flip-the-flap books – she says “boo” and gets so excited! It’s so much fun! It’s the first time that I have felt a real that’s-so-amazing-you’re-doing-that! moment with Madeline. I mentioned before that so many of the milestones I have seen before. It’s a little less amazing the second time around. But this one amazes me!

Much less fun was a little temper tantrum she had. I moved her away from an electrical cord and she really flipped. I was surprised by how long it went on….and worried… aren’t we a little early on this front, Madeline?

40 Weeks

40 weeksMadeline had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease for most of her 40th week. She still has it now but it’s getting better. This is our first experience with this disease and it seems like no fun at all. Madeline has certainly been fussier and had two rough nights of sleep early in her sickness, but otherwise has been a trooper.

Because of her sickness we had to cancel lots of things. And so instead of running around we had lots of quiet time at home. This sometimes drives me a little crazy but I tried to just enjoy Madeline and 9 months. The little noises and how she’s figuring out how to pick up different shaped objects. It’s hard work!  My favorite is when you ask her a question and her “ba” or “da” ends up sounding like a “ya” just at the right time.

37-39 weeks

37 weeks38 weeks39 weeks

We’re having a good run with Madeline and as a family of 4 these days.  She’s pulling up and chatting and so smiley.  She’s got 6 teeth!  Sometimes in the past when I’ve seen her do something I saw baby Wes doing I’d think, oh you’ve reached that point and we’re hitting that milestone.  Okay check, what’s next?  I didn’t really delight in it before.  But these days, seeing her make certain faces and doing certain things I’m able to think about fondly on Wes and enjoy Madeline’s moment in the same phase.  I’m starting to feel more bonded to her and less obligated.  I went through the same thing with Wes for the first little while and it’s nice to be coming out of it.

36 weeks

36 weeks

When I picked the playroom carpet for this project it was mostly for ease.  I also had the thought, oh, she’s a girl I’ll probably put her in pink all the time so there’ll be a nice contrast.  There’s some pink in this project, but so much blue.  I guess I should have realized that.  Everyone in our family wears so much blue (and I’m mostly in charge of everyone’s clothes).  I’m also surprised that I’m just now really getting into bows.  I know there are few in earlier pictures, but it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve put her in a bow to go out in public.  I thought I’d be all over bows from day 1.

Madeline has two favorite things to drag her little body to these days.  First, to any parent sitting on the ground.  She wants your hands so she can work on pulling up.  Second, to the piano.  She’ll sit and look at it and then at you.  Because she loves banging on it.  Her little face the first she she banged on it and it made a noise was the best.


35 Weeks

35 weeks

Just yesterday Madeline started to do peek-a-boo herself. She got her hands on her sleep sack and immediately got to hiding. It’s so cute! This week she also started to get herself into a seated position. We say “yay!” and sometimes she claps for herself. It’s so cute! She’s still dragging her body around and she frequently can be found dragging her body to wherever she hears Wes’s voice or any other commotion. We must investigate, Momma!

34 Weeks

34 weeks

Madeline is desperate to crawl.  Actually, she’s desperate to walk.  She’s been desperate to move as much as possible since her vision became more focused and she saw all the fun that Wesley was having on two feet.  She wants in.  She is working so hard to get in.  She does that thing that babies do.  That thing where they get on all fours and rock back and forth.  She does that for a bit and then collapses and drags her little body to whatever has caught her eye.  I think she’s desperate to walk because sometimes she does downward dog instead of collapsing and dragging her body.  Do lots of babies do this?  Madeline’s the only of our two babies that has.

Madeline’s Photo Project

I clicked on the folder labeled “Madeline’s Weekly Photo Project” last Tuesday.  I knew I’d neglected the project but was really disappointed to see I hadn’t labeled a picture since week 10.  I was confident that I hadn’t taken enough pictures to make this project work and was sad.  After I realized how hard this project was for me with just Wes, it had been a fear of mine that Baby #2, who turned out to be Madeline, would not have this same record.  But by some miracle I’ve taken enough pictures!  The timing is not perfect from picture to picture (I know of at least one instance where I took pictures in two different outfits on the same day….) but the general point of the project is still here.  You can see still the change and growth over time.  I’m so delighted I pulled this off!  And now, here is Madeline’s updated project (well, almost…she’s 34 weeks this week and I only have up to 33 here).

5 weeks6 weeks

Madeline was a real cry baby in the beginning.  Bedtime was especially hard.  Even without looking at these pictures I have a hard time thinking back on that time.  Looking at these 5 and 6 week pictures I just think – thank goodness you’re not 5 and 6 weeks anymore.  Some people love the newborn phase.  I am not that person.

7 weeks8 weeks9 weeks10 weeks11 weeks12 weeks13 weeks14 weeks

This blue sweater was Wes’s!

15 weeks16 weeks17 weeks18 weeks

Wes’s grey pants!

19 weeks

Madeline is definitely her own person, but go back and look at Wesley at 17 weeks.  There are a lot of similarities between the two depending on the angle!

20 weeks21 weeks22 weeks

Wes’s chambray!  None of these clothes I’m pointing out made it into his weekly photos!  It would have been so fun to see some of the same things on both babies.

23 weeks

Evelyn’s teacup playsuit!

24 weeks25 weeks26 weeks27 weeks

My Steppie made those two dresses above.  I took these pictures when it was still a little cold out.  I hope Madeline will still get some use out of them over the summer.

28 weeks

Here’s Wesley looking ridiculous in the same bunny hat!  And what a fun Easter that was!  I had forgotten!

29 weeks30 weeks31 weeks32 weeks33 weeks.jpg

This was Evelyn’s and she wore it to Wes’s first birthday party!

Like I mentioned above, newborns are hard for me.  Babies overall are hard for me.  Navigating life with two kids has been difficult.  But Madeline is a real delight.  I thought she was going to be so serious, but she’s a very happy baby.  Quick with a smile and always trying to catch the eye of a stranger.  She’s very tolerant of a big brother who has so many lessons to learn in personal space (I’m apparently not the right teacher for such lessons).  If you surprise us at home she can frequently be found wearing her most recent meal.  She’s got one tooth and babbles like the best of them.  Some of my favorite moments right now are Wes singing or quietly talking to himself in the backseat of the car accompanied by Madeline’s ba-bas, da-das, and other coos.  Wes is a sweet big brother who loves to show Madeline things.  I know the dynamic will change as time goes on, but it’s a sweet time right now.  It’s hard but there’s so much joy.

Madeline’s Weekly Photo Project

1 week2 weels3 weeks4 weeks

It’s amazing what I forgot about babies!  The intensity of the witching hour, all the crying, how to hold them when you feed them, the number of diapers you go through in a day!  But also how fun it can be to start to maybe see the tiny hint of a smile, how they grasp your finger, how sweet they are when they fall asleep on you.  The two kid thing is no joke though.  We are very tired.  Everyone says it gets easier, and I believe them.  I know from experience that some of this newborn stuff that I find particularly challenging will go away, but adjusting to a new normal where there is very little downtime is hard (although by some miracle both children are napping right now while Sean and I have some of that precious downtime).

Anyway, I’m proud of myself for getting these photos done each week even though it’s pretty hectic over here.  It’s amazing how fast babies change in a year!